The Framework for Big Goal Achievement & Living Your Ideal Life

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The Framework for Big Goal Achievement

“ If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small ”

Mark Batterson

Ready to achieve your big goals? You have a vision, you have goals, but sometimes you struggle with the follow-through to reach those goals. Today’s episode is for you. It in, we cover:

  • The framework to big goal achievement
  • Best practices in casting a vision for your future and planning the steps to get there while tracking metrics along the way
  • The best way to ensure that you create the change that you wish to see.

Episode timestamps:


[2:50] Introducing Don Wenner, Building an Elite Organization and the Elite Journal

[5:53] Building great companies to solve the four crises facing the world
[9:04] How disciplined thought, people & actions drive productivity

[13:21] Setting milestones along the way toward to the vision

[14:01] Free masterclass to accompany the journal
[15:04] The tools that led to personal and professional success

[18:52] Introduction of Melanie French 

[19:39] Making the most of each day focusing on the most important with elite execution

[23:05] Taking your vision and prioritizing into daily tasks

[23:57] Creating your own vision board

[25:38] Starting with gratitude to develop a culture of productivity, passion and delivering wow

[26:55] Introduction of Larry Hickernell

[27:03] The power of self-discipline in weight loss journeys

[30:38] How to make a vision a reality using rocks and milestones 

[33:50] “The leader adjusts the sails” – John Maxwell (using lessons learned)

[36:54] Introduction of guest, Rich Delgado

[37:30] Using the goal setting strategies with children

[39:32] Starting the day with the 5 a.m. club 

[47:25] How the Elite Journal benefits Human Resources teams

[50:51] Making an impact by giving back through the DLP Positive Returns Foundation

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[00:00:00] Patrick: Hello, and welcome to live fit, ignite change where together as a community, we inspire each other to live a fit life, ignite the change we wish to see and thrive in all areas of life. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from multiple leaders on what they use as the framework for living their ideal life.

[00:00:26] This episode may be a bit different. There’s not really one guest, but many all sharing best practices in casting a vision for your future and planning the steps to get there while tracking metrics along the way to ensure that you create the change that you wish to see.

[00:00:43] Changing our world does not happen at once.

[00:00:46] It does not happen alone. It takes a committed group to be the change we wish to see. So together we rise above negative influences to lead by example, making a positive impact at home and around the world. You can learn more. Join us and get show notes at live fit, ignite or for short

[00:01:13] All right, here we go. This was recorded at our elite journal launch party. And when we launched this journal, the point of the launch party was to spread the word on how valuable it had been for us so others could benefit from it as well. Now I hope by re-airing this here it does not sound like a sales pitch. That is not the point. And yes, the mission was accomplished.

[00:01:33] At the time we hit the best sellers list. We sold our goal number in the first week and it’s continued to help countless people reach their goals. But the reason in sharing this here is to show the best practices in using a tool like this. This podcast is all about living fit and igniting change.

[00:01:51] And the journal is the single greatest way to ignite the change that you wish to see in your life. So whether you actually use the elite journal or not, the lessons, tips and stories from the leaders shared here are gold and following them will certainly get you on the path to living the life. You’ve always imagine.

[00:02:09] All of the links and resources bonuses, the free masterclass on how to get the journal are all mentioned in the show notes on live fit, ignite Plus, if you like the concepts shared today on igniting the change that you wish to see by casting a vision and taking the steps to get there, you can go deeper at live fit, ignite

[00:02:30] And with that, let’s jump in to the launch party.

[00:02:33] Hello, looks like we are live. Hello, Don. And hello world.

[00:02:38] Don: Hey Patrick. Hi everybody.

[00:02:40] Patrick: So this is kind of interesting. We’re right next door in offices yet. Here we are, are separated. Uh, both. So we can see each other on, on the computer here. So ready to go. This should be fun.

[00:02:50] Um, well, first off a congratulations to you, as you all know, Don’s book, building the lead organization is coming out. The launch is on April 6th. It is up on Amazon and there will be quite a launch when that comes. So certainly excited about that. As a build up to that launch, is today, the other project, the kind of the companion to the book, the elite journal is live on Amazon, ready for purchase. You see it there in the comments. So pretty cool, uh, process here that we’ve gone through to get to this point on great job in your vision and everything to, to get here now.

[00:03:24] Don: Awesome. I appreciate that, Patrick, but I have to say, Patrick, uh, has led this, this path led this journey. He’s gotten a lot of input, a lot of feedback from a lot of our, uh, best, uh, journaler best, uh, uh, implementers of the elite execution system over the past many, many, many months, uh, to get this in the place it is to be ready to launch to the world and, uh, start making a, an impact, uh, outside of our organization here, uh, with this, this awesome tool we’ve been using here at DLP for quite some.

[00:03:53] Patrick: Absolutely. You built an amazing team. And I think that is what did it, the teamwork here and all the people. I cannot thank you all enough for really everybody, every step of the way going through and saying, oh, we want this. And how about that? And how about this? And really the feedback along the way has, has been outstanding and, um, and, and really to introduce you as well.

[00:04:10] I think most people on know you, but for those that don’t, I mean, The incredible success that you’ve had and your desire to share it with the world is, was pretty incredible. I mean, you, you look at all the, the stats and, and you hear, you know, growing a real estate business from scratch to over a hundred million in revenue a year to a billion dollars in assets, under management and doing this by the age of, you know, 30, 35 you’ve, the growth that you’ve seen every year, 60% growth year after year for, uh, year, I mean, what 13 years in a row, I believe it is.

[00:04:42] Um, and then being on the Inc 5,000 list of companies, fastest growing companies in America for eight consecutive years and number one fastest growing in real estate. So, kudos to you for, for all of that, but really the biggest thing to me and knowing you personally, what I think the biggest thing is, is that it’s beyond all of that success, but your desire to make an impact to the world and to those that you’re around.

[00:05:05] I mean, living fully in all aspects of life, from what you do as a husband, to Carla, as a father, to your boys, coaching their teams. So super impressive. I think that’s what we get to dive into today is all about how to live fully in all aspects of life.

[00:05:19] Don: Awesome. Thank you, Patrick. And, and, you know, is that, is that, uh, promo talks a lot about the, the book, you know, building an elite organization, which comes out in, as Patrick said in two weeks, and we’ll be, uh, here, again doing a, another launch party and, and, uh, uh, pushing the, the, the book, uh, tremendously.

[00:05:34] But we really felt it was powerful before, you know, bringing the book out to, to launch the journal, um, because you know, building an elite organization is all about scaling a high growth, high profit business. And, you know, in turn, you know, making an impact on a couple really big crisises that are, that are important here at DLP.

[00:05:53] So, so at DLP we have, uh, four total, uh, major challenges crisis in America that were focused on the, the workforce affordability crisis, the jobs crisis, generational wealth crisis and the happiness crisis. And I, I feel, uh, this effort in this book of building the organization and, and the system, the book is on the elite execution system is, is about building incredible, great companies that in turn create great jobs in turn, create fulfillment, happiness, uh, by the team members who work in these.

[00:06:26] These great organizations. And as much as the, the book and elite execution system is about building, you know, really elite, really great companies. What, what, isn’t a really great company? It’s, it’s a, it’s a combination of a team of really great. Individuals working together towards a common, common goal.

[00:06:45] And in order for, in our elite execution system, we talk a lot. And in the book we talk a lot about, you know, discipline and, and to be a really great company, you have to have discipline, discipline thought, discipline action and discipline people. And the journal, the elite journal is, is really the best tool I’ve ever come across to really help, uh, instill and build the disciplined routines, habits, um, that allow you to be most productive, most impactful on, on, in your work and in your life as a whole, and feel impactful and feel fulfilled and not only be successful and, and productive in your day to day work.

[00:07:24] Um, but in all of the aspects of our lives, you know, here at DLP and patrick mentioned before we talk about living fully, which is one of our, our core values. And, and to me, what living fully, uh, means is when you’re succeeding in all areas your life at the same time and by all areas, I mean, what we call the eight Fs of life, um, which are faith, family, friends, uh, finance, fitness, fun, fulfillment, and freedom. And I believe the feeling of importance and significant comes from the feeling that you’re making progress in all of those areas at the same time.

[00:08:01] And it is unbelievable how, and just using something as simple at the end of the day is a, is a great journal. Can give you that feeling of fulfillment and help you build the right rituals and habits to actually be succeeding and improving in all of those areas at the same time to, to the point that very quickly, we’ve seen this again and again and again from team members and you’ll hear and, and, um, and, and other business, uh, leaders, and who’ve been using our, our journal.

[00:08:26] Some of the companies we work with and our, with our lead housing members, you’re gonna hear some of them talk about it, but not only, you know, are you gonna feel more fulfilled, but you’re gonna your family, your friends, Your coworkers are gonna see immediate difference and, and change and, and improved, uh, productivity and, and happiness.

[00:08:43] It is amazing as something so simple as, as a self journal can, can drive all of those, uh, improvements at the same time. It’s, it’s, it’s been, you know, unbelievable.

[00:08:53] Patrick: Absolutely. Awesome point. And I love how you touch on the discipline too. It’s a discipline of having the daily habits and you’ve talked before about disciplined action, disciplined thought, disciplined people to drive an organization.

[00:09:04] Love to share a little bit more on your thoughts on discipline and how that would allow something like this, just to tie it in. You know, you want everybody to be more productive, achieve more, and how it’s just those little habits of that kind of, again, as you’ve referred to as the, uh, business and life integration.

[00:09:19] Putting those together in just in a disciplined way to be able to, to really achieve.

[00:09:24] Don: Yeah, I love to. So I mean, for me, and, and I think for a lot of, you know, people out there who are, who’ve been found, who’ve been able to be really successful. I’d say the majority of people I know who are incredibly successful people, we, we know, and we look to not just successful in the, the business environment, but a lot of areas have adapted.

[00:09:40] Um, self journal would be a great morning routine, right? And so for me, you know, the discipline and the structure and, and, and the feeling of success, success, fulfillment starts first thing in the morning. So for me, I call it my miracle morning, which is a term of course, I, I stole from the, the man who wrote the forward to building elite organization, how Elrod the author of the miracle morning.

[00:10:02] And so for me, that, and I’ve changed the time a little bit over the years, but today, today at this point in my life, it’s at five 30 in the morning. In that five 30 morning routine, I’m able to start my day with, with journaling, um, with talking about and, and acknowledging what I’m grateful for attitude of gratitude.

[00:10:19] Um, with going through some basic practices of prayer, of reading, the Bible of, uh, physical PHY, uh, working out, um, uh, you know, some sort of workout. Could it be as simple as just movement walking on a treadmill, whatever that, that means, uh, to you, um, uh, laying out my plan for the day, what’s most gonna be most important for that day.

[00:10:42] Um, you know, I’m able to do all these things, you know, improve, uh, you know, my faith, I meditate as well in that time get center for the day, recognize and appreciate what I’m grateful for getting a and a grateful mindset. Lay out my top parties. Work out, get my heart going, get my mind going. I also read a book on audible, um, while I’m working out.

[00:11:03] Uh, so, you know, stimulating my mind. I do all that every day by 6 15, 6 30 in the morning, depending on my schedule for the day 45 minutes to an hour, I do all of those things. And that lays out the groundwork for my entire day, um, and then lays into being able to be very disciplined and focused throughout my work day.

[00:11:21] Um, and, uh, and set, set the tone and then set the feeling the energy level. And, and again, the feeling of film kind of distracted all day, thinking about how I need to work out or distracted or feeling, feeling negative, or, you know, I get myself my mind, right. I get, uh, right with the Lord and, and I, um, uh, get you, you know, get my body going, um, all first thing in the morning, um, and set very clear goals that I can then at the end of the day, be able to recognize what I accomplished, build momentum going into the next.

[00:11:50] Uh, end the day with an attitude of graduate as well. It’s just, it’s just an amazing, simple tools that again, the journal becomes a really great, uh, centering point, um, to build these rituals and, and make sure they actually happen. Cause it makes it so simple.

[00:12:04] Patrick: Awesome. And I think that’s, what’s so great about when we do kind of learn from each other, learn from the best systems, be able to bring this together in the simplest things like yeah morning routines. I mean, as you know, I call it my kickstart and what we start every day with is so important to me and doing, uh, wins at night with my boys, as we’re saying prayers, as I know you do as well. So some pretty cool rituals. And I think I’ve told you the story about how I originally came to DLP, but, um, you know, I guess long story short for, uh, those that might be interested is when, before I came to DLP, uh, my wife and I had talked about traveling around the world.

[00:12:38] And so we did that. We, uh, kind of did homeschool with our boys for a year traveled. We lived in New Zealand for three months and it was at the end of that stay where. We were kind of talking about, okay, well what’s next in life? What are we gonna do? And I was at the bottom. It’s a beautiful old extinct volcano that looks over the bay of plenty, the Pacific ocean.

[00:12:59] And so I, I ran up to the top of the mountain, inspiring music on, and then actually got to the top of the mountain. And when you’re there. I actually wrote out kind of goals, like, okay, if we’re not gonna be going back to Atlanta, if I’m going to relocate, if I’m going to join with a specific firm, and I actually wrote down someone who follows the philosophies of, of Jim Collins, it must be an ink 5,000 company who is fast growth, entrepreneurial that shares my core values.

[00:13:24] And so all of these things were set out there and then it. Almost like what we’re now calling rock and rocks and milestones that Larry will be talking about later on. This is, is once you have that vision, being able to set the milestones along the way. And so it was very, very interesting looking back and seeing this and seeing all these stats, uh, and kind of pulling together that, that, wow when, when you actually came to the process of. Discovering DLP meeting you seeing the core values.

[00:13:51] It looked like my, my wife said it looks like I wrote them, obviously you did. But, uh, being able to share those philosophies and share that discipline and share, what’s important to be able to bring to the world.

[00:14:01] And now I think we come to the point where it is bringing together kind of those best practices. And as, as Don’s talking about, and we’ll go through it as we go through this, but really everything is in here. What, what he is, is referring to. And I will add that we have a lot of trainings that we’ve done with our own internal team that really came from Don’s best practices over the years. And we’re giving to you as, as bonuses.

[00:14:26] Now you see on, on the screen going to DLP When you buy the journal, you get the bonuses. The bonuses is basically a masterclass. It’s a three part series where it is, what Don trained all of us on his best practices from over the years on starting your life with a life assessment, then it goes on to his training on big goal achievement.

[00:14:45] And then the third is on goal realization and visualization of practice that we did at our own living fully day here at D O P. So Don, as we kind of wrap up the segment, I’d love for you to share a little bit about those items from the masterclass and just how impactful they’ve been on, on your life and really helping you to achieve your goals and success that you’ve had.

[00:15:04] Don: Yeah, thank thanks, Patrick. And yeah, these are, these have been amazing tools that have been, uh, I’ve been using for many years, but we’ve been developing them and tweaking them and improving them over the years. And, uh, I’ll just put, you know, maybe, maybe summarize it this way, you know, um, uh, you know, I’ve had, you know, been blessed with, with a lot of, uh, personal, uh, professional success and, and, uh, and I attribute so much of that up to setting very clear goals, um, in all of my areas of life.

[00:15:29] Um, and, and then taking, you know, dis discipline action and to put it in perspective, I’m in some interesting, uh, groups and, and have some, some great, uh, colleagues and some different, uh, kind of personal growth, uh, type, uh, forums I’m in. Um, one of the ones I’m in, I, I meet with a, a group of individuals about 15 to 20 members, um, who are many of them, uh, more than half of them are billionaires, right?

[00:15:52] So these are people who have achieved, you know, from a financial standpoint, the highest level of success. And in many cases have achieved incredible success in many areas of life, if not all areas of life. And, and, but these are people who are, you know, on average, probably 60 years old.

[00:16:06] And. And on average worth a billion dollars, right? So say, what do these people need to, to need help with? Right. They don’t, they obviously are, are kicking butt. They don’t need help with goal setting. They don’t need help with goal achievement. They don’t need help with, uh, assessing their life. They’re they’re hitting, you know, outta the park, tens all over the place.

[00:16:25] So, um, so when I presented this tool to this group at the request of, uh, one of the members who happens to be one of our investors, um, asked me to present. Not only were they so blown away with this, that, uh, they were incredibly complimentary. They then asked me to present this to the broader parent- parent organization, which about 800 members, which I did to rave reviews.

[00:16:47] And then a number of these, uh, members who run large companies, some of them own run companies of thousands of people have now gone and implemented these tools into their businesses. Um, because they were so, so impactful. I think that’s a point overall dimension with the elite journal that for any company serious about scaling a high growth, high profit business, you owe yourself to read building an elite organization.

[00:17:08] Even if you don’t fully implement the elite execution system. It, it it’s, it should be, you know, a staple staple read, and I believe it will be, uh, moving forward for anybody serious about growing an entrepreneurial business. Um, you know, the elite journal is, is, is a tool to, to apply that for every person in the organization.

[00:17:25] So if you are on the path of implementing the lead organization, Every person in your organization should be using an elite journal, um, from a maintenance technician to a frontline receptionist, to a coordinator, many cases, they’re gonna get the biggest value out of it, cause they’re not going and traveling to these incredible conferences and getting exposure to these ideas.

[00:17:43] And they’re gonna get even more value a lot of times than, you know, senior executives or business owners. Um, and even if you’re not implementing the lead execution system, uh, every one of us can, can get value. Anybody, again, wants to, to improve as an individual can get tremendous value out of building the habit of journaling and building in these routines into your life.

[00:18:02] So, um, really, really excited to share this here with, with all of you and, and the broader, uh, you know, world per se, here in the, in the days and weeks, months ahead. So, um, so thank you, Patrick. Thanks for, for, uh, making this happen. And can’t wait to, to hear the success stories from any of you as you put this in action and by, uh, the journal here today.

[00:18:20] And help us get an even bigger impact is that’s gonna help us achieve, uh, top best seller lists, which means we’re gonna get more notoriety, more recognition, more people are gonna buy the journal. More people are gonna live fully, uh, and achieve greatness. So appreciate everybody here with us. Part of this, this launch party.

[00:18:37] Patrick: Absolutely well said, just so we can make more of an impact. This has kind of become the word to make an impact improve lives and help people out. So, so well said, and as John put, I mean, these are billionaires that are asking for this stuff. We’re giving it to you for free as part of the bonus. When you just buy the journal, you get the masterclass absolutely free.

[00:18:52] So it’s all on the website that you see on the screen. DLP So with that, thanks so much, Don. And look, we’ve got joining us, Melanie French. Our president of DLP real estate management. And, uh, I’ve loved in the break too. Looking at all the comments, uh, in YouTube, Melanie, you might be seeing those two, but all the people who have already ordered it, using it in their daily lives.

[00:19:15] And I know you have two, I mean, head of our real estate management, what you’re in charge of 25,000 residents, all the things that you do, you are always an ambassador of wow. And the energy that you bring. Absolutely amazing. And I would love to hear a little bit how you do it, maybe how the journal helps you stay organized and all that, just to hit achievement and productivity in, in which you do and really all aspects of life.

[00:19:39] Melanie: Oh, thank you, Patrick. It is so exciting to hear that this journal is now available for everyone to purchase. That, that’s just tremendous. This journal has made a, an important change in my life. I’ve always been a disciplined individual, but I did not know how much more disciplined I could be. Let’s face it in business, we are only as successful as how well we execute.

[00:20:06] And so part of execution for us in the field where we have so many residents is really about ensuring that we take the most of our day from the morning we wake up and that’s where the journal helps me is every morning I go through my journal. I utilize it to, to really log down the most important aspects and tasks that I need to complete that day.

[00:20:31] Because as anyone in our communities out there will tell you, Patrick, It is busy. You know, they’re, they’re dealing with all of the normal business and taking care of our residents, taking care of service requests as well as the office administrative pieces. But the difference is we have people and customers walking in that door all the time.

[00:20:54] So it’s easy to lose sight of what those most important items are for the day, just by getting a tossed around in the moment. The journal helps keep me focused by listing those out every morning and, and really sharing my gratitude and focusing, I heard Don talk about meditating. I use that same principle and the elite execution system has helped me and our teams more importantly, really learn how to execute more strongly by focusing on those.

[00:21:27] And Patrick, you know what, at the end of the day, when I go back and I’m, I, I sit in bed at night before I go sleep and I actually go through my journal and go through the day and it makes me focus on the things we did accomplish. Like I said, it’s busy and lose sight, so it brings it back. So I know every day that my teams and I made a difference, we wowed and I had a win.

[00:21:55] And then I focus on what are the three most important things for the next day.

[00:22:03] Patrick: Awesome. So well said. I think that you’re key about, you know, focusing in on what is the most important and, and looking at the biggest aspects, you talk about the, kind of the, the things that you do, getting out of the whirlwind, focusing on what we have to do.

[00:22:17] Melanie: Yeah. People are gonna come in the door. Other things are gonna happen. You’re gonna deal with emergencies, but then we’ve got some Really amazing big priorities that we’re gonna capture as well. 

Patrick: I’d love for you to speak to kind of how you maybe go about casting that big vision. How do you know where you’re going in a few years and then how it might be backed into hitting those goals and, and how you might do that through a tool like this?

[00:22:39] Melanie: Okay. That is a, that’s a great question. You know, I think that knowing where we’re going and how we’re going to execute is about building the plan. And I use the vision board in order to do that. So in fact, one of the, one of the things that I love the most about the elite journal that Don has launched is for someone like me, who used to keep a notepad and I would literally list out these are my tasks for the days.

[00:23:05] You know, I’d use the, the, the Covey method of a,b,c. Well, the journal brought it back. I take those vision. And the journal actually tells me exactly how to use. That was a huge win for me because it helped me to become more disciplined. If I’m more disciplined, then my teams, I can share that with them and they can actually be the most successful possible in taking care of our residents.

[00:23:35] In taking care of our business in creating their own vision boards, their own high goals, and together, if it starts from the top and goes down in an organization, then execution happens and using the journal, it happens at a faster rate than I’ve ever seen in any other company.

[00:23:57] Patrick: That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. And yeah, some of you might have seen the comment come in from YouTube includes a great step by step process in creating the vision board that Jen had sent in. And actually, this was one of the questions earlier, which I saw that I was gonna cover. And so within the book, it does walk you through, you’re going to set your long term vision and then break it down to what you’re gonna do in three years, what you have to do in one year, right? And then what you have to do in the quarterly timeframe. And someone said, well, how do I create a vision board? And this is what I do in mind. I know it’s kind of far away. You won’t be able to see the specifics of it.

[00:24:26] But the idea here is to be able to show kind of the big areas. Like what’s our big vision, where are we gonna go in life? How are we gonna do it? Some really inspirational things in the middle. And then I’ve got over on the right hand side. What I call my 2021 achievements and my daily habits to achieve it.

[00:24:41] So mine start off by saying, um, my daily habits, I am inspired and devoted to the daily actions to become the greatest version of the grandest vision of me, an outstanding husband, father who inspires others to light love and serve the world goes under the next I’m in P peak shape with my daily kickstart and exercise.

[00:24:58] I’m a master of my time prioritizing my day, et cetera. It goes on from there. I won’t read ’em all, but then it gets into the specific goals. So to have that daily reminder and work on what you’re gonna do that day to achieve it. It is a pretty powerful technique. So very cool. Um, so yeah, Melanie, with that, I’d love for you to share any other kind of big productivity uh, secrets that you may have, because again, I think when, when people see the amount that you are doing and just accomplishing so much at such a high level, still responsible for so many people that are really delivering that, wow. How you keep your energy up with your wow. How you get others to do it.

[00:25:38] Just kind of an overall, like, gosh, what, what is that secret? Secret sauce, little tip advice that you may have for, uh, for achievement productivity.

[00:25:46] Melanie: Oh, wow. I, I think that the day starts with a smile and it starts with the gratitude and that is probably the single most important, because once you start really understanding and, and knowing what you’re grateful for, that evolves down into the people, the team members, the residents, and when you share that vision and you share that vision that you are passionate about and living fully and really greatness.

[00:26:15] Those are the, the folks that we hire. Those are the people that work here with us at DLP, and we are a passion driven organization. That’s how you get things done. You start with that high level long term vision. You break it down into the three years. You break down your compass, your clarity, your successful vision, and you continue every single day.

[00:26:39] And using the journal is a part of that.

[00:26:43] Patrick: Awesome love that. I’m looking at some of these, uh, chats from YouTube that come in the journals great. But I was scared of it at first, but I’ll diving in and it’s very valuable and then completely changed my life. It’s life changing. So, yeah. Great, great points there, Melanie.

[00:26:55] Thanks so much. And look, we’ve got welcome, Larry Hickornel, senior investor success manager, and welcome to the launch party.

[00:27:03] Larry: awesome. Thanks Patrick. I’m so excited to be here. It’s been awesome so far. Uh, really amazing things, uh, happening here. So I’m very happy to be with.

[00:27:12] Patrick: This is great. Yeah, absolutely. So good to see more of these chats coming in, YouTube, people being successful and, um, lo love hearing about all those and just a reminder too. We are halfway through this launch party. So yeah. Remember to go to DLP, you get the amazing bonuses that we were talking about. Get the masterclass for free.

[00:27:30] And, uh, Larry, I would love to be able to dive into some of your story. I mean, you and I have certainly shared a lot with our, uh, daily habits from CrossFit workouts to working on our highest priorities first, but, um, I’d love for you to start out kind of that your personal story. And I know regarding your, your, your weight loss journey, I mean, that took the habits and the daily discipline to do it.

[00:27:51] So if you wanna start off with some of that, I think that could be a good way to kick off the rest of our conversation as we’ll lead into rocks and miles.

[00:27:58] Larry: Yeah, I’d love to Patrick. And, and thank you. So, um, you know, I had always, uh, thought that I was pretty successful. Um, you know, before coming to DLP, about five years ago, I was, uh, in the financial industry had spent many years at different banks and things like that and had achieved quite a bit.

[00:28:15] Um, but I didn’t have discipline. And because of that, uh, you know, over time and, uh, two kids later, I know many folks can relate is, uh, you know, you start to get comfortable, you start to get sedentary. And so, uh, because of that, I had gained a bunch of weight from my, uh, my, uh, soccer playing days, so to speak.

[00:28:35] And, um, really was, um, just leading an unhealthy lifestyle. So, um, I consider it a blessing, uh, coming to DLP. Uh, as soon as I joined, uh, the, the team I started, uh, with our group driven for greatness. Uh, it’s not only one of our core values, of course, but it’s a meeting that we have every other week where we read a couple of books, uh, and, uh, a team member, uh, not necessarily just an executive or Don or any of the folks you might consider to be team leaders.

[00:29:03] But anyone from our team can lead. And, uh, we talk through discuss and grow through that. Uh, that’s actually, when I started using, uh, journaling, so I had never journaled before, uh, really didn’t have that structure. And so, um, it was almost like a ripple effect just by every day, you know, writing down my gratitude, writing down my goals, my metrics for the day, what I was going to be doing the action I was gonna be taking.

[00:29:25] I started walking every day and listening to audible, uh, our books, uh, at lunch. For instance, I then, as you mentioned, got into CrossFit, uh, started eating better tracking my food intake and, and what I was doing there. Uh, really creating habits over the, you know, the, the weeks and then months and, and now years.

[00:29:43] Um, and it’s really changed my life. It really has. I mean, uh, I had lost about 80 pounds. Um, uh, started to, uh, coach CrossFit at our local gym as a, uh, uh, something that we do on the side and, uh, have a lot of fun doing it, helping others, uh, achieve their goals, uh, and with our teams now, I mean, just, um, being able to, uh, you know, share my experiences, uh, where I’ve fallen short and, uh, you know, uh, the things that I’ve learned over the years, uh, is really a pleasure to be able to.

[00:30:12] Newer folks and, and, and friends and family, uh, start to, uh, achieve the things that they want through the journal.

[00:30:19] Patrick: Awesome. So well said, I like how you talked about the tracking, the daily metrics, all that kind of stuff. And this question actually came in from someone outside of DLP, and it was talking about how there said the pretty good at overall goal achievement kind of CA casting that big vision of what they want the goal to be, but then fall off.

[00:30:38] Kind of going through with the tracking and, you know, my answer was okay, well it’s about rocks and milestones. I think you are probably one of the greatest examples of using rocks and milestones and making them smart. I’d love for you to share a little bit about that process. Who might not people who might not know what it is, kind of the whole concept of rocks, milestones, how we use ’em and how they need to be smart, specific, and then how that would lead to the very daily metrics you were just talking.

[00:31:02] Larry: Absolutely, uh, yeah. Being, uh, around Don as you know, and being with the DLP team, uh, it really leads you to setting big hair, audacious goals, for sure. Uh, and when you first look at it, it can be really scary, you know, it’s, uh, you know, you, you have to look at these things that, oh my goodness, what am I going to, uh, do to accomplish these big goals?

[00:31:21] Uh, but really, I mean, a lot of folks here on the, on the call probably know about how. You know, take one bite at a time to, you know, take one step at a time, uh, you know, take one action at a time, uh, to get to those big goals. And so for me, uh, it’s really a very natural progression and, and the great thing about the journal is that I can take those big goals and I can break them down into a 90 day world.

[00:31:44] What are my rocks? What are the things that are the top, uh, priorities for me for the quarter? And that could be, that’s usually three professional rocks for myself and our team. As well as three personal rocks, whether that be fitness related, food related, travel related. Any of those five, uh, excuse me, eight Fs, uh, that, uh, you know, that Don mentioned earlier, uh, it’s, uh, really breaking those down and saying, okay, well, these are what I’m gonna accomplish, uh, this quarter.

[00:32:10] Uh, and then furthermore, all it’s about is you say, okay, well I have this 90 day world. I’m gonna take two weeks at a time and I’m gonna break it down into lead in lag measures as far as what am I gonna do every two weeks? And how am I gonna know whether or not I’m on track? You take that, break it down into a week, uh, weekly commitments, daily actions and metrics.

[00:32:30] Uh, and when you look at it, you know, you’re focusing one day at a time, uh, one step at a time, but then over a week, two weeks, month, quarter, and then months and years, you really can find that no matter what you set your mind to, no matter what your goals are, you can do it if you have discipline. And so that’s really what the, the journal has taught me.

[00:32:51] You know, you can set goals and I know rich is gonna talk about that a little bit later, uh, about big goals, but, um, really when it comes down to it, it’s just, how do you put that all together? Uh, focus yourself, uh, and take that massive action, uh, to do all the things that you’ve ever wanted to do.

[00:33:08] Patrick: Absolutely. So it is all about the massive action and getting the results, not just having those visions, but then carrying it on. Breaking it down and working on it every day. As we always talk about kind of the 20 mile, March day after day, year after year, regardless of the conditions we keep moving forward.

[00:33:23] So, awesome example, Larry, thanks so much for sharing that somewhat related. Um, I know you have a favorite, Don. Uh, what is it, John Maxwell quote, I believe about when things don’t go your way, if, uh, despite the prevailing conditions that are out there. Um, if you share a little bit about that and, um, how it relates to.

[00:33:40] Larry: I’d love to. Yeah. I don’t wanna be the one to tell you that everything is all raise, uh, you know, rainbows and roses every single day, right? Things, uh, don’t go, right sometimes. Things go off the track of what you wanna do. Sometimes you don’t achieve the kinds of things that you want to on a daily basis, but that’s okay.

[00:33:55] That 20 mile March that you mentioned Patrick, is, is huge. Uh, and actually a quote from inside. Uh, the elite journal here, uh, is one of my favorite John Maxwell quotes. And it says the pessimist complains about the. The optimist expects it to change the leader, adjusts, the sales. And one way to adjust the sales in the journal is the lessons learned and, and your takeaways for the day.

[00:34:16] So, you know, when you look in here and you say, okay, what are my top lessons learned today? There’s always something to improve on. There’s always something to get better at and focus on. And this not only with attitude of gratitude, not only with our metrics and our, our, you know, weekly, monthly, 90 day world, uh, this really allows you to further, uh, seek knowledge and, uh, have that drive for greatness, uh, to do awesome things even, uh, when things don’t go.

[00:34:40] Right. So love that, uh, love that quote for sure.

[00:34:43] Patrick: Awesome. It’s a great example. The, the leader adjusts, the sales, and I see the, the note in the, the chat box now about giving this to an executive assistant for a COO at a company after 30 years. And it changed the way that she tackles every day. So it’s so great to see people who have been in business for a long time can, can implement things like this and, you know, make a difference.

[00:35:02] And larry, looking at the other chat below that just what a pleasure having you on. I mean, the one in there is spot right on a personal and professional level. He is an inspiration talking about you. So thank you for sharing all of this and thank you for being on and, uh, just appreciate all that you do.

[00:35:18] So, uh, with that, we’re gonna go on to another, um, inspirational video this from another of our DLP elite members, Nijem who, um, is going to share how he uses the journal. So thanks again, Larry.

[00:35:30] Larry: Awesome. Thanks Patrick. Thanks everybody.

[00:35:32] Nijem: Elite journal, what that does. It just, it just really makes you think.

[00:35:37] And that’s very important. Uh, oftentimes we start our day and our end, our day ends and we don’t even know what happened and we cannot really, uh, have any account for what our day was like, or the week was like, so what this journal has done is just, it makes me think, uh, about my day and my weeks ahead.

[00:35:54] And that’s where the, the real value comes in. And once again, it’s just part of. Process and the method of methodology, uh, and, and the, the system that Don has built. And he’s, you know, obviously there’s a generosity element here, uh, where he’s able to, and he’s willing to share his, his, uh, great successes with, you know, with all of the operators.

[00:36:15] So the Elite journal does just that it accomplishes, uh, the thought process. Did it helps you think it helps you good decisions. It helps you plan ahead. Um, and, uh, you know, we’ve become so used to the computers and the, the phones and stuff, but I think there’s a value in having that journal, uh, and being able to write it down because it enhances what you want to do and your subconscious is working on it, uh, constantly.

[00:36:38] So I’ve begin. I have started using it, you know, I, uh, and I can see the value of it already just helps you really plan ahead and plan better.

[00:36:54] Patrick: Outstanding, thanks to Nijem for sharing and welcome aboard Rich Delgado.

[00:36:59] Rich: Good afternoon, Patrick. Good afternoon, everyone.

[00:37:03] Patrick: So good to have you here. And I saw, I think I saw you in the chat box earlier B buying a lot, uh, for, for your yourself and family and friends, right?

[00:37:10] Rich: Absolutely. You know, I, I, I couldn’t wait.

[00:37:12] So I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Um, you know, I’m a big journaler and be honest with you. I think it’s one of the best things I can gift at any of them. So my plan is to, uh, continue to give them out, not only to, you know, my family, but my closest friends. I recently, while we were going through our, uh, beta testing on the journal, right.

[00:37:34] I had the pleasure of being one. Um, I actually used one for my son, so, uh, it’s one of those things. He was struggling with organization. I just sat down with him and walked them through it a little bit on how to track your goals, how to set goals. Um, and I’ll be honest with you. It’s amazing. What, in one quarter, the difference it made, right?

[00:37:54] So he went from having a couple of CS and everything else. So, and now is all as, and BS and, you know, wonderful job. So you can see the progress even on him. So my, my goal is to give it to all of my children. I have two older girls as well. Um, and then my, you know, my wife will getting ready to do our second quarter goals for.

[00:38:13] For the professional goals here at work, but then there’s the personal goals, right? We each get those three personal and three professional goals. So I’m gonna spend time with her. Setting our personal goals. I’ve traditionally done it in the past by myself, but I realize I need to incorporate her, right.

[00:38:29] If this is gonna be more of a family, uh, event and really attaining those goals, I need her buy-in. So I’m gonna have her help me set those goals, which is gonna be something again. And I want her to do it herself with her own, uh, journals. So yeah. Gifts for all of them. So those are my first 10. I’m sure I’m gonna be buying a lot more.

[00:38:48] Patrick: Awesome. Well, thanks so much. And yeah, it’s definitely great seeing how you can use it across all us book’s life. And I think, as you said, um, you’re kind of one of the power users of the journal and what an inspiration you are in every single day leading the 5:00 AM club. I mean, you talk about a habit that incorporates so much of this starting your day with gratitude, which is in the journal journaling, which is obviously all about the journal.

[00:39:10] I’d love for you to share a little bit more about that morning routine, what you do every day and how it has made an impact on your.

[00:39:16] Rich: Yeah, thank you. Uh, so, so I have to say I’m really humbled and honored to, to lead that 5:00 AM club. Um, it started way back when right going to the beginning of the pandemic, we were looking for ways to inspire our team members.

[00:39:32] Um, and so that was one of the ideas is, Hey, let’s start this 5:00 AM club. Let’s get them motivated in the morning. You know, a lot of them are gonna be working from home, not being able to get to gyms. So, um, the good news is that it still exists today, right. That discipline is still there. And. You know, the team members have kept me accountable, especially, and I have to give her a shout out cuz she, I don’t think she’s ever missed a day is Koi Barlow, you know, she’s there faithfully.

[00:39:58] Um, and again, that whole sort of 20, 20, 20 formula that I Institute from the 5:00 AM club, which is actually a book written by Robin Sharma. Right. So we’ve all adopted a lot of it. One of the driven for greatness books that we’ve read here in the company, um, and Dom didn’t mention. But if you look at his habits in the morning, right, it’s the same formula, 20, 20, 20, maybe not those exact numbers, but it’s basically the routine of 20 minutes of movement.

[00:40:25] So exercise, which is what we do in the 5:00 AM club today is really that motivation of getting ourselves started, whether we’re doing the nice little hit workout, CrossFit workout, doing some yoga some days. So we mix it up, really just get the blood flowing, which, you know, really helps with creating that energy and focus and productivity for the.

[00:40:44] Um, then the next 20 minutes is that journaling and meditation time. Right. Kind of we use, uh, I use muse all. I know a lot of our executive use muse. Uh, Don blessed us with a gift, uh, not too long ago. And it’s been one of the most, uh, successful things in my life in terms of just getting my mind right. And setting up, you know, the focus for the day.

[00:41:05] Um, and then the journaling part, which to me is the most important, right. It’s really kind. Hits a lot of aspects that gratitude boost in the morning, making, getting that awareness, which, you know, really sores your productivity, your performance for the day, because you’re in the, the ground running. When you get into the office, you’re not thinking about what you’re gonna do.

[00:41:24] You’re executing, which, you know, again goes back to those disciplines that Don talks about. And then that last 20 minutes about, you know, growth reading and Dom does a lot of audio books. We all do. I spend my 20 minutes in the morning to try to get in my Bible reading, you know, that’s how I kind of, you know, look at my mindset set my day.

[00:41:42] Um, so journaling impacted my life tremendously. It’s, uh, you know, not only increased my productivity, um, it. A mindset really, truly in every respect it’s helped me even I’ve, I’ve adopted little things from everyone, right? You keep learning as you go and I’ve adopted your wins. Right. We don’t do it at bedtime.

[00:42:02] We actually do it at the dinner table. So we go around the table and everyone puts in their wins. So it’s nice to already have that kind of, you know, when you journal right. The evening exercise is putting it in there, getting that. So, uh, having everyone think about it, it really does change everyone’s mindset.

[00:42:19] Patrick: That’s awesome. Love, love to hear the habit spreading, and I love how our families can help keep us on track too, to your point about how the morning routine is so important to you. Obviously it’s critically important to me, and I think I told you how I call mine. My, my kickstart is how I, I start the day every morning and I started doing this.

[00:42:36] It was actually on that trip around the world that I talked about early before it was. Fall of 2017. I started doing it, but I was kind of intermittent. I wasn’t doing it every day, but then my boys would actually notice a difference in my behavior. If I like dad, you haven’t done your kickstart yet. Have you, you acted mean? Um, but then when I did, I was like, all right, I’m back to my good inspirational kind of, kind of self.

[00:42:55] So I made it a point to start doing it every day. And now, I mean, it is. It’s been straight. I don’t know the exact number, but it’s over a thousand straight days and it has been the most impactful thing that I’ve ever done in my life.

[00:43:05] So, you know, go out, do a little priming breathing, moving just like you’re talking about, and then doing the, the journaling to be able to make sure you’re, you’re getting on the right track. So awesome. Thank you for sharing all of that. Um, I’d love to transition into the next piece, which is another one that I feel like you’re a model on is big goal setting.

[00:43:25] Now I know you have one of your favorite quotes, so I won’t steal it from you, but, um, it’s one, that’s come up many time in our company. After the books we’ve read in different greatness, the author we’ve had on I’d love for you to share a little bit. Things that yeah, you gotta reach for right. Go ahead and shake that.

[00:43:42] Rich: Absolutely. So, so you hit the nail on the head and thank you for not stealing the thunder. I mean, honestly, I think everyone loves that line, right. It really it’s something that we’re all inspired by by, and it actually comes out of the book, chased the lion, um, by Mark Patterson. And the quote is if your goal doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough.

[00:44:02] And again, I’ll repeat that. If your goal isn’t, doesn’t scare you. It isn’t big enough. I mean, that is just if that doesn’t put it in perspective. Right. And when I kind of think back to when I started with the company and sitting with Don and going through sort of like, all right, our fun size, right. We’re gonna create the DLP housing fund and you know, we’re gonna make it 250.

[00:44:23] Now it’s gonna be 500 million. And it was like, we looked at each other and was like, why not a billion? Right. I mean, it’s a big number, right? Why not, we’re gonna go for it. Right. And we did it. So here we are. Right. And there’s just so many things in life and I’ll confess. So, um, I’ve got my old beta journal, right that I’ve been using and, um, my daughter’s little, uh, bookmark she wrote in there. Love you daddy. So , I use that as my bookmark. It’s just a napkin, but I love the new sleek design of the ones that were launched and released today. Right. Means it’s got everything to it. The little holder, the pen holder, the little, uh, strap for in between.

[00:44:57] All I did was write one word and talk about goals, right. And, uh, again, I’ve, I’ve been embarrassed to share this with others in the past. I’ve shared at the executive level, but kind of wrote one word in to start my journal and that’s it. And that was St. Hood. Right? So my big goal, um, putting aside my professional goals and everything else, this was a personal goal.

[00:45:18] Is St. Hood, right. And boy does that scare me? Um, but again, as mark said, if it doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough. And again, he’s had some great, if you look at the, you know, the, the inspiring quotes and the habits that he’s produced again, we had the pleasure. I had the pleasure of interviewing pastor Mark Patterson just a few weeks ago on one of our driven for greatness sessions.

[00:45:41] He blessed us with coming on and, you know, sharing with us a lot of his thoughts on the new book, he just came out with when the day, which really is the seven daily habits to help you stress less and accomplish more. So think about that, right? If you just think of his title alone, I submit daily journal does all of that, right?

[00:45:59] I mean, that’s what it’s for. It’s those daily habits re repetition, right. Continue to go through it. Um, and he has one quote in that book that says, can you do it for a day? And that’s all it comes down to. So think about yourself a thousand days ago, right? Um, when you were looking at how long you can keep that up, if you just take one day at a time, you journal one day at a time, you do it the next day, you just keep doing it.

[00:46:23] And that repetition builds those habits. Those habits build that productivity. So it’s awesome. Cannot cannot say enough about it.

[00:46:31] Patrick: Absolutely. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing and yeah, just a giant goal sainthood. Why not? Right like that. That’s awesome. I, I love it. Well done. And I think what is crazy today, cuz I’m using an old version of the journal, not the one that came out today, but it opened to, this is day four of the week for me and the goal.

[00:46:49] That is on today is if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small, uh, mark Paterson. So it is, it is in here. And, um, yeah, it’s uh, great, great to be able to have that. So thank you so much for sharing rich and really absolutely awesome to, uh, have, have you on here and share this stuff. Um, and I think what is coming next is actually.

[00:47:10] Another video of our DLP team members who were sharing what they’ve done using the advanced copy of the journal as well. So we roll that one next, but again, rich, thanks so much for, for coming on. And, uh, we’ll roll that video now.

[00:47:24] Rich: Thank you, Patrick. Have a blessed day.

[00:47:25] AVP: All so working in the HR department has seen incredible improvement in our productivity by just using our elite journals.

[00:47:32] I personally use it and it keeps me organized and ready for the next day. For me, the benefit really is. Better exhibited in this than, uh, any other journal I’ve experienced in terms of just making sure that every single step of the way I’m holding myself accountable for what I’m committing to do, what I’m hoping to do, not just for today or this week, not just for this quarter, but. You know, my top priorities in my life.

[00:47:59] I love the elite journal because I love organization. And the journal really helps me stay on top of my priorities, rocks and milestones.

[00:48:06] And the other thing that I really love about it is the attitude of gratitude. Being able to every single morning, say at least three things that I’m grateful for things that I’m happy about things that, uh, I’m uh, grateful for within my bigger life, as well as within, uh, my team, uh, has been wonderful.

[00:48:22] I love my elite journal because it makes me prioritize what my tail, top goals are. And I also get to look at every day, what I’m grateful for, and that’s really an encouragement. I love to use the elite journal simply because it helps me plan my day and plan for, uh, long term goals as.

[00:48:38] I’ve used a lot of journals and this is by far the best one that I’ve ever used. The 20 minutes I take in the morning to journal really just laying out, uh, my attitude of gratitude things. I’m really grateful for kind of set, just, you know, a whole different tone for my day and really starting off with that.

[00:48:53] And honestly, just in many respects, just, uh, keep very productive. Awesome. Well, well said everyone and I can’t thank you enough, everybody that came on, everybody that has been on here and all of the comments in the, uh, the chat as well. I, uh, I see a lot of praise in here. I see one, uh, we move this out of the way so I can actually see a little bit, there we go.

[00:49:14] Uh, I see Ken, same congrats to you, Don. He’s loved the beta version of the journal and being able to use more rich and inspiration. Congratulations, Don from Nick, uh, daily inspiration and motivation. So. Yeah, absolutely great, great stuff here. Uh, any other questions you had for the group? We got a minute before we wrap up, what do you do to come up with such big ideas and then bring ’em into reality?

[00:49:37] Don: Um, yeah, I, uh, I’m I guess I say I’m blessed that I, you know, I don’t have any lack of, of ideas and if I ever did, I’ll just go ask Bo par my nose on here with us and he’ll give me 27 more within about three minutes. So, um, but yeah, lots of great opportunities when you’re doing good things. And, and when you realize that when you apply disciplined anything.

[00:49:57] Anything’s possible, you know? And so when you kind of remove those limiting beliefs that, Hey, you can’t do really big things. Don’t have the resources today. Don’t have the ability yet today and you get yourself really think big and take away today’s restrictions. And then you realize that with, with great discipline and execution, of course, incredible, uh, team of discipline, people working together, anything is possible. Um, we just continue to raise, raise the bar and we are constantly challenging ourself to the chase, the lion manifesto, uh, and quote of, you know, chasing God-sized goals. Um, it’s, it’s, uh, it, it, we keep raising the bar on, on each other.

[00:50:34] So it’s a, it’s a lot of fun.

[00:50:36] Patrick: Awesome. And I’ll add to that. Cuz rich, you put in, you bought yours using the Amazon smiles link, benefiting the foundation, Don, all the proceeds from your book are bene are benefiting the foundation. I’d love for you to share a little bit about the foundation for those that might not have heard about D O P positive returns.

[00:50:51] Don: Yeah. Uh, thanks Patrick. As I mentioned a little bit before we have four crisises that we’re focused on here at DLP is in our, for profit business. And really we, we focus on all four, but, but, uh, two that, that take kind of the, the main priority in our foundation. So the DLP positive returns foundation, which we have a giving policy here at DLP, which is that we give.

[00:51:11] Uh, 1% of our time to the foundation, we give a quarter percent of our net revenue and a quarter percent of all the capital we raise all goes to the foundation. In addition to all the proceeds from the book and the proceeds from the American Institute of investment housing and nonprofit educational platform, um, that we’ve launched are all going to the foundation, which we’re focused on making an impact on the workforce affordability crisis, you know, uh, protecting, improving, preserving, and creating workforce housing that is affordable and will remain affordable for the local workforce.

[00:51:42] And then second on the jobs crisis. And I believe despite what media likes to tell us, despite what politicians like to tell us, the only way you create jobs, the only way we’re gonna combat the fact that 50% or so of American jobs are at jeopardy of being lost, uh, in the next 20 years alone, due to automation.

[00:52:00] It is through entrepreneurial, uh, businesses with, with big ideas. And that’s what we wanna help scale and grow. It’s it’s hard enough to come up with a, a good idea and a business that that is needed in the market, but then to go take that great idea and scale and do so profitably and be able to employ a lot of people make impact on make impact on local national global scale is very, very hard to do. And that’s what we’re focused on, on, on being able to do through the foundation.

[00:52:27] And in turn through the book and the journal, um, be able to help people grow their productivity, uh, and help, uh, businesses grow and scale, create jobs, uh, create in, in our world. And many of the operators who you heard from today in some of these videos, not only are they creating jobs and, and growing, but they’re also, their businesses are in the business.

[00:52:46] Creating, preserving, and improving workforce affordable housing. So kind of a double win, um, in terms of what we’re, we’re passionate about. So appreciate all the support and, uh, uh, from everybody here, here today.

[00:52:59] Patrick: Absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing that. I think it is an important piece of it where we can continue to make an impact and really all of us make an impact as we go out in our own individual lives and how we’re impacting the other businesses and people that we serve.

[00:53:10] So you see the note on the screen there and in the chat DLP You go there. You’ll direct you right to Amazon and be able to get all the bonuses, the free masterclass trainings from Don and everyone else. Be sure to make sure that you’ll be on that path to living fully in all aspects of your life.

[00:53:25] And I think that’s all we’ve got unless Don you got comments to bring us home, think, uh, we are proud.

[00:53:30] Don: Hey, thank you everybody. Please purchase purchase that, uh, that journal today, buy ’em for your friends as, as rich did really, really appreciate it. Um, and, uh, again, you will get the reward 10 times over in terms of putting it in action for yourself, implementing it, um, and, and gracing and, and gifting that ability to drive fulfillment, happiness productivity.

[00:53:50] For those important to you is, is an incredible, uh, gift. I know my life in terms of giving gifts to those, uh, who I come in contact with has got, is getting very easy, giving out the journal on the book, uh, to, to those, uh, I come in contact with makes my gift giving pretty, pretty simple moving forward, which is, uh, uh, exciting, but, uh, appreciate everybody.

[00:54:09] Thanks Patrick, for making this happen. Thanks team behind the scene, Kyle and Katie. Uh, everybody else. Uh, thanks. Rich, Larry, Melanie. And, uh, can’t wait to hear the results nine after Q2 from everybody going out there and accomplishing more in the next 90 days, then most we’ll accomplish accomplish in a year, if not many years.

[00:54:28] Patrick: Right on. Thank you all. Have a wonderful day. Take care.

[00:54:35] All right. I certainly hope you enjoyed that. Quite a lot of great advice. Right. And thanks again so much to everyone who participated and shared their stories. Of course, as always, you can find all the resources mentioned in the show notes and for this episode as at live bit. Ignite

[00:54:54] Also as mentioned at the outset, if this resonated with you and you’d like to live, fit and ignite change in your life, you can get started for free at live fit. Ignite Where you can join our community of high performers and get access to our kickstart resources for free. You can choose if you’d like to start on the path to getting in the best shape of your life and or ignite the change.

[00:55:18] You’d wish to see by casting a vision and taking the steps to get there. Following many of the practices that were shared in today’s episode. And then go deeper with additional lessons, tips, and trainings for free. Plus, there’s an option to upgrade, to get further accountability and a copy of the journal.

[00:55:37] You can get all the details and get plugged in at live fit. Ignite We’re for short live F also my family and I we’re igniting the change that we wish to see in the world by helping others live fit. We were sick of all the processed sugar loaded foods and drinks marketed to us, especially to our youth.

[00:55:59] So we’re developing a line of truly delicious grain, free sugar, free products that children and. Love as part of our Enri performance nutrition brand. Learn more and join the Enri insiders for free to be the first to hear about samples, launch parties, and That’s I N R I V E .com.

[00:56:22] Thank you so much for tuning in and please be sure to like share rate and review this show. This is what’s needed to help reach more and serve more. So we truly can ignite the change that we wish to see. Thank you so much for your help in making it happen. And I hope you make it an outstanding day and go forth to light love and serve the world and live the life you’ve always imagined.


If you missed it, you can watch the replay of our Launch Party here where multiple Elite Journal users share stories of how to use the journal as the framework for big goal achievement.

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