Launching a Performance Nutrition Brand

“Change doesn’t come at once. It’s a wave. Building before it breaks.”

Eddie Vedder

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Parents, you want what’s best for your children, and you want to stay fit so you all can enjoy family adventures, right?

In today’s episode, we share how we answered the call to create the change that we wanted to see in the world. 

We were sick of all the processed, sugar-loaded products marketed to us, especially to our youth & student athletes.

So, we’re developing a line of delicious, nutritious foods & drinks that student-athletes & their parents love!

This episode shares our vision & covers best practices for what brands do to create & achieve their billion dollar visions.

It pulls from the best of resources from the Elite Compass in Don Wenner’s Elite Execution System, the Vivid Vision from Cameron Herold & brand building from Ryan Moran’s start-up incubator.

Plus, it features clips with Mark Sisson (founder of Mark’s Daily Apple & Primal Kitchen, who you’ll hear more from in our upcoming Episode 9, with advice, go to market strategies & what investors look for in a successful business.

Also, thanks to Ponte Vedra High School student-athletes who took part in a focus group taste test (so listen for that entertaining clip as well).

Resources Mentioned In The Episode:

Episode timestamps:

[2:37] Our guiding principles to ignite the change we wish to see
[4:36] How we got to where we are today
[8:53] Family time during quarantine leads to the birth of a brand
[13:43] The Elite Compass, from the Elite Execution System
[14:31] Our five driving beliefs
[16:37] The meaning of Inrive’s name and logo
[22:33] How the membership fuels the physical product brand
[23:10] Inrive’s Flywheel and how it all works together
[26:50] Questions brands should ask with Mark Sisson from Primal Kitchen
[29:03] Utilizing Don Wenner’s Elite Execution System
[30:14] Ryan Moran’s Start-up Incubator
[33:09] Inrive’s Compass: Accomplishments and plan for each year
[35:59] Phase one and phase two products
[36:36] Mark Sisson shares what investors look for in a brand
[39:02] Being a part of the change
[39:40] “Do what you love with the people you love to serve others and you’ll find joy on the journey”


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[00:00:00] Patrick: Hello, and welcome to Live Fit, Ignite Change. We’re together as a community, we inspire each other to live a fit life, ignite the change we wish to see and thrive in all areas of life.

In today’s episode, we share how we answered the call to create the change that we wanted to see in the world. We were sick of all the processed sugar-loaded products marketed to us, especially to our youth and student-athletes. 

So we developed a line of delicious, nutritious foods and drinks that athletes and their parents love. This episode shares our vision and covers best practices for what brands do to create and achieve their billion-dollar visions. It pulls from the best resources from the elite compass in Don Wenner’s Elite Execution System. 

The vivid vision from Cameron Herald in brand building from Mariah Moran’s startup incubator. Plus it features clips with Mark Sisson, founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, and Primal Kitchen—who you will hear more from in a later episode—with advice, go-to-market strategies and what investors look for in a successful business. Also, we’ve gotta thank the Ponte Vedra High School athletes who took part in the focus group taste test, and there are some pretty entertaining clips from that as well. So get ready. 

Changing our world does not happen at once. It does not happen alone. It takes a committed group to be the change we wish to see. So together we rise above negative influences to lead by example, making a positive impact at home and around the world. You can learn more. Join us and get show notes at or for short, 

All right, ready to be part of the change to kick this off, we’re gonna dive into a clip of a conversation since sometimes it’s a conversation with others that brings out your best answers. So this is actually from a conversation I was having with executive coach justice, Marmi, who you heard from in episode five, he was asking some great questions and these will lay the groundwork for why we’re doing what we’re doing. We were catching up and he was asking me more about my background and what had been going on. And I shared some of the stories that you heard in other episodes, how he took a year to travel the world with the family, moved to the beach in Florida, affiliated with the firm, made a massive impact and started a performance nutrition brand to truly live out the mission for why I’m here on this earth. And here is his follow-up questions and my answers. 

[00:02:37] Justus: What is the guiding principle that made you guys go, we’re moving like, and we’re gonna, we’re gonna, not only are we gonna move to Florida, we’re gonna do the year of travel. Like there’s a principle behind there for you two. Yeah. Right here. Like what is it?

[00:02:51] Patrick: These are the two I’m holding up a sign. Let’s go for you. So this one, the first change doesn’t come at once. It’s a…

[00:02:58] Justus: Yes.

[00:02:58] Patrick: …building before it breaks from an Eddie Better quote, mixed that with Mahatma Gandhi. So be the change you wish to see in the world. 

[00:03:04] Justus: Whoa. 

[00:03:05] Patrick: And that is part of it to be the change. And then the other part is I don’t believe in living a normal life. This is my other go confidently in the direction of your dreams live the life you’ve always imagined we weren’t living the life. We always imagined 

[00:03:16] Justus: Whoa, 

[00:03:16] Patrick: That we committed to living life. 

[00:03:18] Justus: Let’s go.

[00:03:18] Patrick: We always, 

[00:03:19] Justus: Let’s let’s go. Hey dude, looking now at the next four years, is there something that you and your wife are looking at and going, do you guys feel like you’re starting to get comfortable or do you feel like the brand you’re building is, is really challenging you? Or is there something that you and your wife are looking at maybe outside of business that you’re like, Hey, we said we’re about this. Like this is coming. Like, do you know what that is? If you could share. Geez. 

[00:03:45] Patrick: Yeah, this is a whole nother level. Now I feel like I’ve been comfortable. We stretched when we did the trip. 

[00:03:50] Justus: Yes. 

[00:03:51] Patrick: And then we needed to stretch again to grow. 

[00:03:54] Justus: Yes. 

[00:03:54] Patrick: And here we are at this point where it’s like, all right, let’s do a brand let’s really ignite change. Let’s make a difference in the world. Let’s give the money back to the youth that we’re gonna be supporting through this initiative, through the philanthropy and all the stuff that comes from a portion of the profits. But it is now growing so much more where I thought, yeah, I can do. But it is getting out of the way of fear, getting out of the comfort zone and growing and doing it better and be able to start really sharing that message that’s inside of me. Yes. So yeah, that is the biggest thing that we really have to grow and just break outta that shell and say, Hey, this is why I’m here in the world. Let’s go.

[00:04:33] Justus: No, this is awesome.

[00:04:36] Patrick: So now that you’re filled with passion from Justus, let’s dive in this first part covers a brief history of how we got to this point that starts out with a five year old boy finding his parents time magazine. It was on unhealthy foods to avoid. So he then went through and threw away all the unhealthy foods he could find in the house. Fast forward a few years at age 14, spurred on to perform in high school track gave up soft drinks for lent and never started. Then to 20 fast forward to college discovered his favorite class ever health and performance science. And then 1999 came. He created a forum teaching college students about entrepreneurship and started his first business, a franchise upon graduation. Two years later, he’d grown the franchise to be number one in the United States and sold it and was certified to help people in finding their ideal path in. So let’s fast forward again, 2007 at age 30, he and his wife had their first child. And this is when he discovered CrossFit and recommitted to living fit by age 33, with two young boys. After the real estate market crash modeled the habits of the most successful in the world and started documenting what. Then at 37 created the marketing programs for wellbeing programs for fortune 500 companies. The next year purchased a CrossFit gym was certified as a trainer. And I guess you could say, I know this story pretty well since it’s what I’ve lived. And that brings us up to 2016 and in the gym and outside of the gym, many people are asking me how I, with such a full schedule with the career being a parent stayed. And what others did and what science was showing. So we pulled it all together. As the fit life challenge, it blended the four components needed to get in the best shape of your life, sleep mindset, nutrition, and exercise, and went beyond that into your why, while you really were doing this and provided the accountability and the fun to make it. And those results were pretty amazing in some of those first challenges. Jeff being a busy professional dad in the first 40 days lost 17 pounds. His blood sugar levels went down to a normal range and he went down three belt sizes, or Chris who lost 25 pounds on the first 40 days. And then went on to lose a hundred pounds in just over a year and feels better than ever. And Leanne, as an active grandmother who lost 7% of her body weight had less heartburn and better. And Alex, a former athlete turn teacher lost 18 pounds in the first 40 days and shared in her own words, what her situation was before. And then what the challenge did for her. As she explained, 

[00:07:15] Alex: I move from college and I started teaching and I was working all the time and coaching and wasn’t doing a lot of anything. And I realized, I was asking my athletes to do all these things that I probably couldn’t do anymore. And so that’s kind of where I was not working out very much within about like six months. I. Started eating healthier. Cause I knew it helped me perform better and I lost about 40 pounds and , could swim with. Kids at school and could compete with them. And , probably in better shape than I was when I was swimming in high school. 

[00:07:45] Patrick: And on the challenge, some like me were actually looking to gain weight through muscle building and establishing healthy habits to live fit lives. And all of that established the fit life challenge next for the 2017 to 2018 school year. This is when we lived our family goal to take a year and travel the world. And the FitLife challenge went virtual upon return, committed to making an impact in helping people grow in business and in life and joined DLP capital. And then the next year started running the FitLife challenge at DOP converting it into a corporate well-being program to help team members live, fit, fulfilled lives, and grew the living fully well-being program and kept refining the program and the challenges over the year to get better and better in 20. When COVID hit and everyone was quarantined. That was one of the most important times to run the challenge. People were stuck at home, but we stayed together as a community. Being able to share the knowledge of what we needed to stay, fit the accountability, to do it together. And as part of the group, we had a lot of fun and it was during this time that we had so much quality time together as a family. We were at home with our boys who were 13 and 10 years old at the time and realized that while we were doing the challenge that so many of the foods that we ate were not challenge-compliant because they were so processed and filled with so much sugar. Our boys were actually very good at eating great-tasting, healthy meals with us. But when it came to cereals, bars and drinks, especially those marketed to our youth athletes, they were filled with awful ingredients. So we searched for options that were compliant, but most we. They found it pretty disgusting and we couldn’t find anything. They liked. They’re active athletes who are always outside playing. And it seems like if you take out the sugar, take out all the process stuff, there just wasn’t anything good. So we took the time to actually start making some of the things ourselves, trying to make our own bars or make her own treats. It’s kind of a crazy process in the. But the point was we wanted to create something that was absolutely delicious and nutritious that followed our FitLife challenge guidelines. So that’s what started us down the path on this mission and our deep desire to be able to provide these incredibly tasting foods that are actually good for you and fuel performance. So fast forward another year now we’re working with contract manufacturers, co Packers to deliver delicious nutritious products and the launch of the Inrive performance nutrition brand. We had pre-launch samples at some of our events upgraded the FitLife challenge to what we’re calling. FitLife 2.0, with the addition of Mark is my primal individual health coaching and inside trackers, biometric screening and the results. We’re amazing to illustrate that Nick one of the participants will share what it meant to him. Nick was born with a congenital heart disease and grew up with constant doctor visits and medications. And four years ago, the medications weren’t working anymore. As he shares. 

[00:10:44] Nick: Um, as I grew older, was very, you know, grateful for all the medical care I had. Um, and, and did really well. You know, it got to a point though that, the, the medications and, and so forth were not enough. And transplant was the only option at that point. So about four years ago, it was August 22nd, 2018. I went through a liver transplant, part of the, you know, side effects, you know, there’s medications that I have to take daily as part of the transplant journey, one of them is prednisone, which is a steroid, but prednisone will naturally raise your blood sugars. So I’ve had to combat that for the last four years. And you know, typically Western medicine will tell you to just use insulin to combat Western or excuse me, high blood sugars. Right. So, What more happened though, is that you know, my body with the things I would eat, you know, that the in increase in blood sugars would be kind of, you know, multiplied due to the prednisone. And, so as I, you know, went into the FitLife challenge and, you know, the diet, part of it, you know, as far as the foods I was eating, and how I was regulating how much I was eating and, you know, more or less though, eliminating those carbs. And then also the exercise, which is really the biggest thing. Biggest benefit to me was the exercise in helping regulate my blood sugars. So when following the exercise routine and when following the, the food, preparations that I do, I was able to eliminate the use of insulin day to day, you know, and really maintain very healthy blood sugar. So that comes as, you know, such an amazing health benefit for me because, you know, one of the things I’ve learned so much about is with blood sugar is how that affects your body overall. And for me, you know, and, and really anybody having, a healthy blood sugar level, is. It’s vital from day to day. So, that’s been a huge benefit. And then really, the biggest thing for me was the increased energy levels and the ability to just, you know, have constant movement and constant exercise. And, you know, Patrick, I mean, you know, I think that, you know, when I look at the, the FitLife challenge, it really, was a life-changing opportunity for me.

[00:12:51] Patrick: Wow. What a truly incredible story, Nick, thank you so much for sharing. So that’s what this is all about and the type of impact that we wanna make. So now you see how we got to where we are today and I’ll ask, do you ever feel like you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to do in this world and all that you’ve done have led you to where you are right now? So you can execute on this vision. Well, if so, congratulations. And that’s a great feeling. I know cuz that’s exactly where we are right now. So with that, we’ll now jump into the elite compass and just like a compass gives direction to where you are going. The elite compass shows where the business is going. So let’s begin. All right. The Inrive compass, where we are going, and this compass shows the future vision of where we’re going to be years from now. So here we go. Inrive is a thriving organization impacting the world by providing life-changing programs and products. While giving back to those in need, living our purpose, mission, and values, and our purpose. The why it’s to inspire humanity, to rise above challenges to live fit fulfilled. And the mission, what we do and who it’s for leading by example, to create the change that we wish to see in the world by delivering solutions that enhance health and performance and inspire millions of future leaders to live their best life ever. So our core values, we call these the Inrive five driving beliefs. One is celebrating life. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. We create adventures and make memories with our loved ones. We celebrate our freedom and live the life. We’ve always imagined. Number two, be the change global change does not come at once. It’s a wave building before it breaks. We go forth to light love and serve the world. We are the change we wish to see in the. Three lead by example, living with positive enthusiasm and unpromised integrity. Our behaviors inspire humanity to take actions that bring about change. Number four, take consistent action. We take massive action living life like a marathon, completing consistent daily actions in pursuit of our long term goals. And number five, make a difference. Learn earn return. We are dedicated to constantly learning our offerings, delight our clients, and we give to those in need to leave a lasting positive impact on the world. So those are our core values, our driving beliefs. Now we get into the why we are part of the greatest society with the greatest opportunities in the history of our planet. Yet people are more out of shape mentally and physically than ever with obesity, depression, and obesity-related diseases at their highest levels ever, despite having all the modern science and proof, the reactionary sedentary lifestyles, along with poor sleep, lack of exercise and all these high sugar processed foods are the. Of obesity, depression, and disease. The big corporations continue to pump out advertising, promoting these unhealthy products to ourselves and to our youth. It’s time for us to be the change that we wish to see in the world. We believe in leading by example, to promote these healthier options, to inspire each other, to live fit fulfilled lives. So the brand name, Inri I N R I V E. Derive from the words inspire, meaning to fill someone with the urge ability to feel something and thrive, meaning to prosper. And flourish in the Inrive logo, the eye, it forms a candle or a flame. And this is like the candle that we all have burning inside of us. We just need to take that candle and go light our world. It’s almost like our calling a responsibility to be that example, to be that person, that group that goes out and makes a change in the world. So that is what this is all about in time. Inrive cover the four components of a fit life, sleep mindset. Exercise and nutrition for now, the main products start with nutrition and wow. Do they ever, because I gotta say how fun it’s been and what a blessing it’s been having these high school athletes be the ones who are tasting the flavors and the formulations and the things that come out, because there have been some that we have absolutely had to spit. And there are others that have been great. And as we keep refining it throughout the process, that is what makes this special. And this next clip, what we brought out, we actually have some of our final versions of the products and compared it with that of the, some of the best-selling brands on the market. And so this is a pretty entertaining clip of what we get into. So let’s roll that. 

[00:17:53] B-ROLL: All right. Which one should we sample first? Boy, let’s start with this first one here. I’ll try. Hard is the rock. Mm-hmm. I would not buy this, very flavorless. Mm-hmm. Thumbs down. Oh, it tastes like sandpaper. That’s a good way to put it. Thank you. All right. Next, that’s actually so bad. I know. Round two, is another best bestselling bar. This one appears to be whoever designed it. This said, this is the one confused. Very confused one out. Yeah. That one was definitely worse than the first one. So Ben, what just happened there? I spit out. It was that bad.

[00:18:38] Patrick: So to chime in for a second. If you’re not seeing this on video, just listening to the podcast, if it wasn’t clear what just happened there, one of the guys had to spit out the bar and this was one of the top-selling better-for-you bars in the nation, but they just don’t like what’s out there. And that’s what, this is all about. Creating something that is nutritious and also delicious. Now our bar is up next, so let’s continue. 

[00:19:02] B-ROLL: And the final one way better than the other two for. Like night and day right off the bat. I noticed when it hit the roof of my mouth , it wasn’t a hard, hard texture. Like the other ones. It was really smooth and much better, way more, a little way more, flavor as well. Sweeter, better flavor, better texture, everything across the board is superior. Can we remark, can I have the last one? Of course. Thank. I really like this. 

[00:19:37] Patrick: And for those listening, who didn’t see that after the taste test was over, one of the guys asked very politely, if he could have the rest, that’s a good sign. Okay. Back to the clip for a couple more comments from them on our product.

[00:19:48] B-ROLL: Taste almost like one of those fudged bars you might have, that would be full of all kinds of other things. Yes. Okay. Except it’s not, it’s full of healthy stuff. They’ll [00:20:00] enhance my base. 

[00:20:02] Patrick: Wow. Wasn’t that awesome? Thank you so much guys for this and for all the many taste tests along the way, as we have perfected these products and as requested, shout out to Ponte Vedra high school, baseball and football. So as mentioned, that’s what this is all about. Truly healthy ingredients that fuel performance with the taste student-athletes and their parents love and on that do adults like this too, can nutritious foods really taste good? Nick, who you heard from earlier? Had one of the advanced samples of our grain-free granola. And did it impact him? Here’s what he had to say. 

[00:20:37] Nick: Game changer for me, honestly. You had provided us with some, you know, some samples to us, and that was really what kind of ignited a change for me, honestly, cause I was like, man, this is really good. And it, it opened my mind to the fact that, you know, there are, are, are other foods available. The Granola. Specifically, you know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna remind you again that I need some, but, I love it. I’ve I’ve eaten it, straight out of the bag. I’ve eaten it with, you know, Greek yoghurt and fruit. I’ve incorporated it in many different ways. You know, I like the fact that it is, I mean, that gets filling. B it it’s, it’s sweet, but not too sweet. And it’s all-natural, right? There’s none of that processed sugar. There’s no grain. There’s none of that stuff that we shouldn’t be putting in our bodies. Um, and I’ve had, you know, in, in the lapses of time where yours wasn’t available, I’ve tried other ones and in different store-bought ones. And you know, this is just the truth. I mean, I haven’t found one that was, you know, comparable to what you produced. 

[00:21:35] Patrick: Again, awesome to get this type of feedback. And now back to the compass and how all this works. You go from Inrive to the community, the membership, the podcast, what this podcast is all about is that community where we actually do inspire each other to live, fit, ignite, change, and thrive. And so together we wanna rise above all the negative influences and what that is is all these things out in the world of. This mass marketing of all these unhealthy things. The traditional thing our government has said about the recommendation is to start a day with a huge grain-filled breakfast and high sugar psyche. Let’s start the day with cereal. It’s just so many things just don’t make sense. And what we wanna start doing is making that positive impact at home and let it continue around the world. So how that works for our members, our member. or basically, so our members can love the content, be able to get inspiration from it, have that knowledge, accountability, and fun to be able to live fit fulfilled. The membership program offers ongoing coaching and resources, and includes a complete curriculum to create transformation, fitness programs, including nutrition guides, meal plans, exercise programs, courses available online and in the app. And we stick to our core competencies where we can be the best in the world and partner with others who are in the best in the world at what they do so together, we truly can have that community to help people create change. So the best way to talk about how all of this works together. Is the flywheel. This comes from Jim Collins book on turning the flywheel, and it basically has a process of going from one to the next, to the next to the next. And the idea is like, as you start going through these processes, it might be hard at the beginning, but then the flywheel starts turning and turning, turning, and turning faster and faster. And that is what makes. The business is successful. So to go through ours, we’ll start at the top. If you’re watching this on the video, you can see it. Otherwise I’ll describe it for those us sitting on the podcast. So you start up at the top and the first is deliver life-changing value, which is attracting passionate high performers to ignite change. That leads to step two transform lives and build loyalty. This is where we are delivering long-term results from wellbeing programs, challenge. And memberships and which in turn leads to number three, provide healthy products that these members and the community love. That’s the delicious taste while optimizing health, performance, and longevity, then that goes into step four. Scale with elite execution. This is extending distribution, growing revenues, creating economies of scale and harvesting the profit. And that leads to step five, reinvest the profits to create impact. This is investing in giving back to those in need and investing in R and D to ignite change. And then that leads right back to the top, delivering life-changing value and the cycle and the flywheel continues. So the next part of the compass is the hedgehog. This also comes from Jim Collins book originally from good to great. And the idea here is that where you’re talking about your purpose, where you can be the best in the world, your passion. What we’re deeply passionate about and profit, what drives your economic engine? And so you look at all of those and then see where they come together. So for us, the purpose, as you heard earlier, is inspiring fit fulfilled lives. The passion, helping others rise above challenges to create adventures and live the best life ever. And the profit. These are our offerings, the products, the memberships that transform lives and is measured in profit. Per customer. So if you look where all of these come together, where you can be the best in the world for this, it’s being the best in the world at creating transformations to fit fulfilled lives. So who is our core client? It’s a Live Fit, Ignite Change members, the fit life challenge members and the Inrive insiders. These are raving fans. They support our missions and purpose. Love our content love using our products and memberships attend our events and promote our offerings to their contact. More specifically that target market, who we serve, these are fit. Health-minded driven on the go professional parents of these youth and student-athletes who want what is best to optimize performance, to keep up with their growing children. So they aim to eat, right? That’s paleo, primal, keto, Mediterranean, whatever that diet may be that fuels you to avoid sugar and gluten and the industrial seed oils. And they wanna buy healthy food and drinks that their children will love. They love our products. They love the taste. They love the children, love them, and they love how it makes them feel when they are buying, knowing that they are contributing to helping others live, fit, fulfilled lives and love making an impact at home. And around the world. So at this point in the elite compass, we shift from the information about the offerings, the customer, et cetera, to the specific targets, meaning the exact metrics that the organization will achieve in one year, three years, as well as the B a G for five years. But in this case, I thought it’d be more entertaining for these to be shared as answers to questions that were part of a conversation and no better person to ask the questions than Mark. He started one of the most popular fitness blogs in the world and founded and sold a better four. You food brand primal kitchen. That is one of my go-to brands for many things, especially their salad dressings that are free from all those industrial seed oils. So at this point in the conversation, Mark and I had been talking about the experience his company and other companies had, and he was sharing the importance of ensuring that the products had good margins and he continued.

[00:27:12] Mark: Have you. Looked at the costs of all of these, to produce all these things and to get them to market. And, and what are, you know, what sort of margins are you looking at? How do you differentiate your differentiate yourself? If you’re gonna do it on the basis of, demonstrable difference in, in nutrient profile, then you’re gonna have a product that’s, you’re gonna have to justify, a much higher cost and probably a much lower, shelf life. So you have to, you have to weigh. A number of things you say you want to be offering the sort of better for you products that, maybe a youth sports market would want to. Right. And, and the parents of young athletes would feel good about giving their kids. So you have to start really with, okay. How, how are, how are you differentiating that from the existing choices? You know, do you want to go direct to consumer? Do you wanna just have an online business and just. Sell direct to parents by selling them you know, 12 packs of bars or six packs of RTD recovery products, or, do you want to go into retail? Cuz if you wanna go into retail, that’s an entirely different strategy. It’s not an easy business, but if you do well, it’s one of the best businesses to make a lot of money in a short period of time. Sure. So that’s the , you know, it’s, there’s two sides to that. 

[00:28:38] Patrick: We spoke more about what we were doing, our systems and our support and our advisory board. So let’s cover that this is all being built out following Don winner’s elite execution system or EES as we call it, which is outlined in his book, building an elite organization, Don, who is on our advisory board, used EES to grow his business. DOP capital. From zero to over 3 billion with a V in assets while 10 Xing his business, every five years for the past 15 years and being on the ink 5,000 list of fastest growing companies for an incredible 10 consecutive years, I’ve been fortunate to work directly with Don for over four years and take care of the materials and training for the rollout of EES internally and external. It focuses on discipline, thoughts, people and action in four quadrants strategy, people, operations and acceleration, which is a blend of sales and marketing plus Don and his youth athlete. Boys love the pre-launch samples of the Inrive products that we’ve given them. And we’ve been, and will continue to use the DLP events to help launch the products, including the upcoming health, wellbeing and longevity summit in Puerto Rico. Which by the way will be a pretty incredible event. So we’ll link to that and all the details and the show notes at Live Fit, Ignite We’re also part of Ryan Moran’s startup incubator, which has helped launch and grow hundreds of physical product brands into seven, eight, and nine-figure brands. And it was through this group that we were very intentional on developing our who, meaning, who we serve, which I shared earlier and how important it is to develop a community by giving real value. So when you go to launch, this will be the group to help kickstart those. Mark and I were sharing different go-to-market strategies and he shared the cost involved with launching to retail and how often the direct-to-consumer model is a smart way for brands to launch. As I continued sharing our plan with him. 

[00:30:30] Mark: Let’s get to a run rate of, you know, whatever multiple millions, at least with that model and just go for it. And then once you’ve proven sales distribution, then you could go to the investors to help scale to get you into retail and really grow it at that point. I don’t know if that’s right. Along the same lines of what you were talking about, if that would be, yeah, that’s exactly advice. 

[00:30:52] Patrick: So with that, the plan is to start direct to consumer, then move to Amazon before retail to truly make an impact by providing products that don’t seem to exist. That really do have natural ingredients that are good for you and fuel performance and taste amazing. So the youth. Athletes love them. And it’s also to make an impact in the world, following the buy one fund one model. So for every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes back to help a child in need and at, our community can choose which cause they’d like to support. The three categories will stay the same child, hunger, health, and sports. And this relates to our B a. The term, Jim Collins, coined, which stands for big, hairy, audacious goal. And that’s the big mission which I shared with Mark. 

[00:31:39] Mark: And then really the mission is, you know, we wanna make this stuff, something that our youth of America love. We want it to be in every, you could say every sports field in America, every gym in America. I know that sounds like pie in the sky kind of stuff. But, that, that is the hope. And it’s really,

[00:31:52] Patrick: No, no, but I, but-

[00:31:54] Mark: I would say that. You know, every, every snack mom on the soccer field, right? 

[00:31:59] Patrick: Yeah. 

[00:32:00] Mark: Would be a customer instead of exactly, you know, juice boxes and, and, and, donuts or whatever. They, you know, I mean, I think moms try to build, bring healthier stuff now, but for the longest time, when my kids are playing soccer, It was appalling what, that’s what parents thought was appropriate energy. 

[00:32:19] Patrick: I mean, they bring the sugar water and they think it’s a great idea and they give the kids sugar, water, and donuts. And I mean, even the coaches and my son’s high school baseball team is giving out these G bars, the Gatorade bars with so much of that sugar and, all kinds of junk.

[00:32:33] Mark: Yeah. So, would you start with, with three products or one product, or how would you even.

[00:32:38] Patrick: To answer that let’s go back to the elite compass as this part lays out the exact plan for what you intend to do each year. So first for our one year bullseye, we said that we would launch a podcast with weekly episodes with industry leaders, providing world-class advice on how to live, fit and fulfilled lives. And that is complete. We also said it’d be set up so the listeners could join the email list, the free membership, and eventually if they choose the paid membership and the physical products that is set up and complete. On the membership side, we said, we’d upgrade the FitLife challenge with biometric analysis and personal health coaching. And as mentioned, we did this as well. That is complete. As we partnered with inside tracker and marks my primal health coaching for those, for the products, the goal was to complete the formulations for the most requested items for our audience. These were the delicious, nutritious on-the-go options to start the day and have before or after workouts for sports. Therefore, they were a grain-free Granola. An amazing tasting performance, protein bar, and a couple of performance and recovery drinks. And those are on track as well. I’ll also add here with such demand from our audience to have healthy, great tasting options at fuel performance and our desire in line with our vision to have these on every sports field in America. The original idea was to start with a ready-to-drink beverage yet in speaking with another, on our advisory board who has sold two beverage bands for nine figures, explained that at the start you don’t wanna be paying for shipping liquid around the. And with multiple millions of investment capital needed to go into retail, starting with a drink mix or drop would probably be a better way to go. So yet again, after many taste tests with student-athletes, we couldn’t find great tasting mix or drop options that met our criteria. So we’re creating one. That will make a delicious sports recovery drink filled with the key minerals and electrolytes that are truly needed next for the acceleration side of the compass, it was to roll out product samples and the upgraded membership to our launch team and at our events. And that too is complete. And as you heard, we’ll have more at the well-being summit in Puerto Rico. And be joined by mark Sisson, Dr. Harari, who wrote life force with Tony Robbins, Nick Butner, from blue zones and some of the top fitness and longevity minds in the world. And then into next year, we’ll have 20 member organizations and in addition 1000 individual members and on the product side for our first four products, we’ll be selling 25 sales per day for that million dollars plus run rate that we mentioned. Then for our three-year checkpoint, the podcast will be on the top health and fitness podcast with half a million downloads per year. It will still drive people to join the email list, the free membership. And eventually, if they choose the paid membership and products, the membership will have 30 member organizations and additional 2000 individual members and it fuels the eight-figure physical products brand. With the phase one products, the grain-free granola performance bar and the recovery drinks at a hundred sales per day. And the phase two products, those being frozen and refrigerated items averaged 50 sales per day. And that would lead us to after five years when we are positively impacting 10 million lives. And our delicious nutritious products are available to every youth athlete on every sports field in America. When the 25 products average over 400 sales, a. So after sharing with Mark, what we’d start with, he asked if we had a deck and what he and other investors would look for. 

[00:36:13] Mark: What cause what I wanna see is like, what is the category that you’re entering? If it’s bars, then tell me, you know, that’s one category and the, you know, and the national, you know, market size is who, who, you know, who the dominant player is and what’s wrong with it. And then who your, you know, who the top three competitors? Of yours would be if you entered that space and how you’re better than the top three. Right. And then I would do that for each of the products that you’re contemplating. Okay. And, and if not, if not better, then how are you differentiating? You know, cuz maybe it’s on taste. Maybe it’s on amount of you know, maybe you’re offering a bar, that’s got 15 grams of protein instead of nine, but what, whatever it is you have to have so. That the consumer can go, oh wow. I, these guys are new, but look at this, there’s more protein than I’m what I’m used to. And it’s better for you bar, you know, or there’s a new drink and it’s, you know, it’s got electrolytes and a little bit of creatine, but no touring. And you know what I mean? It’s just like, you gotta figure out where you enter with a unique product. And it always first and foremost, it has to taste good. Cuz you wanted to buy it a second time. Right? 

[00:37:31] Patrick: Exactly. That is why it is so important that there’s these youth athletes in high school. They will tell you when it’s disgusting. 

[00:37:38] Mark: Oh yeah. 

[00:37:38] Patrick: It’s really, really good. Having them as face testers.

[00:37:42] Mark: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Great point. 

[00:37:44] Patrick: So it has been amazing having both of my sons involved in the taste test and leading many of them with their teammates also, thanks to our 15-year-old. When I thought the formulation was close enough and I just wanted to get it to market faster. He was insistent that it was not ready and that we needed another iteration to get it just. And now it really is. And plus, thanks in part to him again, we now have the list of all those things that mark was talking about, the categories, the market size, the price points, the nutrients in each and what sets us apart. So there you have it. The journey that you could say started when I was five years old, when I was trying to keep everyone at home healthy to the products whose formulation started in our kitchen during quarantine through what was a truly family involvement to get it to where it is today, to now in final manufacturing, about to go to launch to the world. So we truly can create the change that we wish to. If you’d like to be part of that change and be the first to hear about the launch parties and specials, you can become an Inrive insider at That’s And if you’d like to get on the path to living, to fit life and igniting change, we have all the tools, resources, and trainings available, and you can join us for free at Again, all of this will be linked in the show notes at And I hope by sharing a bit of our journey, this helps you on yours. This life is a gift. Do what you love with the people you love to serve others. And you’ll find joy on the journey. Thank you so much for tuning in, and please be sure to like share rate and review this show. This is what’s needed to help reach more and serve more so together. We truly can ignite the change that we wish to see. Thank you so much for your help in making it happen. And I hope you make it an outstanding day and go forth to light love and serve the world and live the life you’ve always imagined.

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