Jumpstart Income, Life & Success: Lessons from Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect

Ready to jumpstart income, life & success? In today’s episode, we dive into:

  • How small choices lead to a radical difference over time
  • How to harness momentum
  • How to use the power of habits and routines to live, fit, and ignite change to reach your desired future outcome

This comes from the recording of a live training and interactive discussion on The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. With amazing contributions and great lessons shared, it encapsulates so much of what this podcast is all about.

Episode timestamps:

[1:08] How do we achieve greatness, live, fit, and ignite change

[3:10]  The importance of the Compound Effect in taking you to the life you desire

[4:47] A key friend to have & how to harness the power of momentum

[5:28] 5 Keys to get in the zone & get momentum to kick in

[6:30] Infusing positivity and physical fitness into habits

[7:35] Changing habits and routines to build strength and get fit

[9:28] The power of daily & morning routines

[11:25] Reduce stress & anxiety with the 5 year rule

[12:26] The framework for big goal achievement

[13:17] The 5 step evening routine for a great night’s sleep

[14:59] The Kickstart Morning Routine

[16:59] Fit Life Challenge Diet and Exercise Routine

[19:28] Increasing the Frequency of Great Experiences

[20:19] The Power of Consistency to maintain momentum & results

[22:10] The 3 External Influences that impact your choices & behaviors

[27:06] Change doesn’t come at once. Be the change you wish to see

[28:05] The most powerful 3 letters & how it propel you to action

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