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Have you ever thought you wanted to get in shape or improve some aspect of your life? Maybe you even started down that path, but didn’t end up reaching that goal, or you did reach a weight loss goal on a diet, but then when it was over you gained it all back. It’s frustrating, right? It’s not meant to be a yoyo like this. We’re always looking to grow and improve to build an ideal life, living one that we love, and there are 7 keys needed to create the change that we wish to see and the challenge that kicks that off. That’s what we cover in this episode In it you will learn:

  • The 3 prerequisites needed to ignite change
  • 7 keys to build an ideal life
  • The importance of accountability & fun to make change last
  • How you can incorporate all of these into a challenge to get fit

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Episode timestamps:

[02:40] Percent of Americans in ideal shape, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

[04:06] Avoiding the things we don’t want

[05:05] Would you like to live with vitality, energy & peak performance?

[06:20] 7 simple keys to create the change you wish to see to live an ideal life

[10:54] Using the tools for accountability to reach goals

[12:19] All of this is brought together as part of the Fit Life Challenge

[13:48] Success stories on how this is worked for others & can work for you as well

[15:43] Special new bonus as part of the challenge

[18:00] Opportunity for you, your organization or group to join us


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[00:00:00] Patrick: Hello and welcome to Live Fit Ignite Change. We’re together as a community. We inspire each other to live a fit life. Ignite the change we wish to see and thrive in all areas of life. 

[00:00:15] Patrick: What a year this has been and this time of year, people are always looking to see how to make the next year the best yet.

[00:00:23] Patrick: So have you ever thought you wanted to get in shape or improve some aspect of your life, and maybe even started down that path but didn’t end up reaching the goal? Or you did reaching say, a weight loss goal on a diet, but then when it was over you gained it all back. It’s frustrating, right? It’s not meant to be a yo-yo like this.

[00:00:43] Patrick: We’re always looking to grow and improve, to build an ideal life, living one that we love. And there are seven keys needed to create the change that we wish to see and a challenge. It kicks that off. So that’s what today’s episode is all about. 

[00:00:59] Patrick: Changing our world does not happen at once. It does not happen alone. It takes a committed group to be the change we wish to see. So together, we rise above negative influences to lead by example, making a positive impact at home and around the world. You can learn more. Join us and get show notes at livefitignitechange.com or for short, livefic.com

[00:01:25] Patrick: At the recent DLP Health, well-being and Longevity Summit in Puerto Rico, I was honored to play just a small part among many of the top leaders in the industry in the world who spoke at the event, including Mark Sisson, who was on episode 9 of this podcast, Amanda Holmes on episode 4, Gary Brecka on episode 13, Nick Butner, episode 14.

And many others. 

[00:01:46] Patrick: It was a pleasure for me to speak on the Seven Keys to Living An Ideal Life. So today’s podcast episode will be a bit unique as we will share those seven keys. Yet we’re gonna bounce back and forth between this commentary and the live recording, including the live parts where there was audience participation, and then filling in the rest here.

[00:02:06] Patrick: So keep listening until the end as there are some incredibly exciting updates and how you can be a part of them. 

[00:02:14] Patrick: So onto the live event to start there, we started with the meditation and visioning exercise. So we’ll skip that here and jump right into the first set of questions that ask the audience. 

[00:02:24] Patrick: You know, we’re all here and we have these big visions we’re the people that believe in this health and vitality and longevity. I like to start out with a question for you guys. What percent of Americans do you think are currently in their ideal shape, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Any guesses? 5, 1, 1. . Lots of ones. You all are correct. Some studies have shown that it is as little as 1%, but did you know that right now Americans are the least happy?

[00:03:02] Patrick: That they’ve ever been and 79% report viewing unhappy about how they look and feel. Yet those who take time to focus on living fit are three times happier. So we know what to do, but we just don’t do it right. And again, I think the people here in this room, you probably do it. You’re listening to it, you’re following it.

[00:03:25] Patrick: But if you think about your family, your friends, your coworkers, your team members. They might not. And they might not until they have to. 

[00:03:36] Patrick: And isn’t that the issue? We often don’t change until we have to. Well, we know things may not be perfect. We keep going along in life thinking, ‘’oh, it’ll be okay’’ until one day when it’s really not.

[00:03:51] Patrick: You may get a report from a doctor that says you’re overweight. Blood pressure is high, blood sugar levels are high, and you need to change your ways. Or you may not be around much longer.  

[00:04:02] Patrick: That’s what we’re covering in this episode today. It’s about avoiding the things that we don’t want. Let me ask, would you like to avoid feeling tired and sluggish, being overwhelmed, having bloating, cramps, inflammation, excess fat. Getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia. Well, of course I think we all would, but to avoid those things often a simple change has to be made and people naturally find change. Scary, thinking I have to go back to the gym. I don’t know what to do. I don’t perform the way I did before. I don’t wanna be embarrassed.

[00:04:38] Patrick: And to overcome this while we covered it fully in episode 17 of this podcast. But in short, the point is you really need to be able to find something that you want to do, are excited about and find enjoyable, for diet too. People think that they love the food they eat and don’t want to give it up, but really it’s about the mindset around this and finding foods that you absolutely love. It will also fuel your body and make you feel at your best. 

[00:05:04] Patrick: So I’ll ask a different set of questions this time. Would you like to live with vitality, feel energized, enhance performance, lose weight, and or gain muscle sleep better? Enhance brain function, improve mood. Do what you love with those you love.

[00:05:22] Patrick: Do it for many years in great health. Do more, have more, be more, and build an ideal life. And that is what this is all about. If that sounds exciting to you, stay with me here. Now, we could go down the science side of this, which we’ve done in other episodes, particularly if you’re interested in that. Check out episode 9 with Mark Sisson and episode 13 with Gary Brecka.

[00:05:43] Patrick: But in short, it’s all about the hormones in our bodies and the way we control our emotional state. So for a quick, simple example on the nutrition side, people previously told go on a low fat diet, but in doing so, they ate more sugar and sugar substitutes and processed carbohydrates. That spiked blood sugar, which kept the levels of the hormone insulin high, which stores fat and thus won’t let you lose fat.

[00:06:07] Patrick: So simple changes to eat a smart diet filled with foods you love helps solve that, and that’s what this discussion is about today. Not the science side, but the seven simplest keys to create the change you wish to see to live an ideal life. 

[00:06:25] Patrick: So as we dive into that, what does it really take to change for that? We’ll go back to the event. 

[00:06:31] Patrick: I’ll ask you guys, little audience participation. What do you think it takes to create a change like this? Any ideas? 

[00:06:40] Participant: Choice. 

[00:06:41] Patrick: Choice. Gotta make a choice. Yep. What’s that? 

[00:04:45] Participant: Passion. Passion. 

[00:04:46] Patrick: Passion to change. 

[00:06:48] Participant: Discipline. Dedication. 

[00:06:50] Patrick: Dedication. Great words. Love it. Those are all correct. I agree with all of them. And they’re also three prerequisites to change. You’ve had to recognize the issue, have a desire to change and see your ideal future outcome. And with that, it comes together into a system. 

[00:07:09] Patrick: And what we call the seven simple steps to Living a Fit Life. Fortunately, based on all the other amazing speakers today, we get to fly through this because they really are simple and they’ve covered most of them.

[00:07:21] Patrick: Because what this is all about, it’s so you, your family and your teams can make an impact at home, in the workplace and around the world. First one, very simply, mindset. You heard Peter talking about this morning. Take at least five minutes per day. Morning routine, quiet time, prayer or meditation. Great part in the The Ignite Change Podcast I host with Amanda Home. She talked about meditation. Be sure to check that out. It was awesome

[00:07:52] Patrick: Sleep. Again, this was mentioned before in earlier presentations. At least 6 hours, perhaps preferably 7.5. Avoid blue light three hours before bed. Avoid caffeine seven hours before. 

[00:08:03] Patrick: Number 3. Exercise. Mark just talked about this. I’m gonna have to cover it daily activity, get your steps in whatever you’re doing to be active every day. Plus, complete a strength training program. Get your heart rate up at least two times per week. And I loved when we had Gary on the podcast, part one on Impact with Don, part two on LiFi Ignite Change. We talked about snacking, our exercise. Such a great, great set. Thank you. 

[00:08:27] Patrick: Number 4. Nutrition. Again, mark just covered this. Absolutely love the food that you eat. Avoid those processed sugar loaded foods. Eat with them an eight to 12 hour window. 

[00:08:40] Patrick: Thank you, Mark, for your part two. All that. In your presentation today and also on the podcast and the pictures over on the right, you don’t have to create your own food or nutrition brand, but this is during quarantine when Mike was doing the FitLife challenge with my boys, and they were great eating meals with us, but not for the snacks and the cereals and that kind of stuff.

[00:09:00] Patrick: So we started making our own, and we have a little booth out there. Our products will be launch next year. I saw they all ran out. We will be replenishing supplies here shortly. And you could get into the checklist. People always ask about, well, what should we eat? There’s a nutrition checklist, there’s a My Primal Blueprint.

[00:09:18] Patrick: And rather than going through that, cuz it’s a lot faster to just say, here, I’ll give you this. I’ll email it to you. If you want to get it right now, go to FitLife challenge.com or you can check out your scout cell phone and scan that QR code. And there you’ll get the seven steps that I’m talking about today, the FitLife Challenge, nutrition checklist, and the Primal Kitchen Shopping List and mark up. That’s okay. Aaron told me that I could do it. I hadn’t talked to you yet, , since we do our program together, he said, absolutely. Please share it.  

[00:09:49] Patrick: Number 5. Family Relationships. Got Jim Shields to thank for this one. We originally had just the first four as part of the challenge. After his influence, we added this as a fifth and vitally important. Schedule and keep quality time with your loved ones at least once per week. 

[00:10:05] Patrick: This is the pictures when my family and I had the fortune to be able to take a year to travel around the world, and obviously we got to spend a ton of time with them during that year, but it really is so important. To do this at least once a week with your loved ones, and again, it was mentioned earlier, Nick Butner, he’ll be talking tomorrow on the podcast, we talked about how important family and relationships were to your longevity as well.

[00:10:29] Patrick: Number 6. Accountability. This is the part that is so vitally important. People can hear so many things, but without the accountability, you’re just not gonna do it. You’ve gotta have the accountability to a group of peers to stay on track and use the tools available. For those of you familiar with DLP in this culture here, you think we’ve got some tools?

Anybody know? See? Definitely a lot of heads shaken there. 

[00:10:54] Patrick: So you’ve got your life assessment, Don. I’ll be covering that shortly. Goal setting, rocks, wigs, personal Compass, elite Journal, awesome. Pretty amazing tools designed for you, your family’s, your teams. Use them. If you’re not, come ask me or someone with DOP and we’d love to be able to help you get set up to use those more effectively in your organization

[00:11:15] Patrick: And then lastly, number 7.  You’ve gotta make it fun or you’re not going to stick with it cause you wanted to stick with it. So they will become habits. And that is really what this is all about. So that sounds good, right? But again, I feel like those of us here do that. But when you think about what is our responsibility to take this back to others in our families, in our organizations, They need a program to follow, program

[00:11:44] Patrick: Three simple things. Knowledge, a plan for those first five that I just covered. The accountability. So you’ll do it and it’s fun, so you stick with it over time. And all of these come together in our Fit Life Challenge membership. This is more than just getting in shape physically, although that is the root of it. So you can live fit, to create your ideal life. 

[00:12:05] Patrick: And it’s also about getting in shape mentally, spiritually, emotionally, even financially. It provides everything you need to build that ideal life. So I’ll ask, do you have trouble knowing where to start? The membership site available on computer and mobile app is the hub that leads you to exactly what you need, customized meal plans, shopping lists, guided meditations, sleep tips, workout programs, so you can quickly find what’s needed to get fit fast.

[00:12:35] Patrick: Do you ever feel like you’re alone in your fitness journey or would like to be able to ask questions? The live mastermind calls bring together other like-minded individuals who are all working together, where you get your questions answered live, and those questions can be submitted anonymously if you’d like them to be or if you can’t make the calls.

[00:12:54] Patrick: Everything is recorded and available in the membership area, so you can listen while you’re walking, driving, or whenever it’s most convenient for you. Or maybe you struggle with not sticking with your goals or lacking accountability. In previous years during the challenge, the number one request was accountability for goals.

[00:13:12] Patrick: So we added the wildly important goal accountability session, and now the surveys have shown that is the number one most valuable part of the program. So you have an organized way to set your goals, determine what lead measures you need to take to hit that goal, what lag measures that will result in. In each session you make two commitments and report on those commitments next time, so you will finally reach the goals you wanted, and do so as part of a fun supportive group that is there to help you along the way. 

[00:13:46] Patrick: So does it work? Hearing the success stories is the best part when the challenge started in the gym. Here’s Jeff as a busy professional dad. He lost 17 pounds in 40 days, regulated blood sugar levels and went down three belt sizes, and Alex lost 40 pounds in six months and got in the best shape of her life. And Chris lost a hundred pounds in just over a year. And felt better than ever. And over the years it progressed, it went from gym to boardroom and became the basis of corporate wellbeing.

[00:14:17] Patrick: And here’s Nick. He was born with congenital heart disease and after a heart transplant, he had to take medication that spiked his blood sugar, so he took insulin to regulate it. Yet on the challenge, he completely regulated his blood sugar levels and was able to stop taking insulin. And how all this happens is due to accountability. At the event I shared how this worked at DOP, so let’s jump back in for that.

[00:14:43] Patrick: And so I’ll share how it’s worked at DLP. Some of you may know Brandy, and you’ve worked with her from our lending team, and she said after her broken foot she literally could not walk and was getting ready to walk 30 miles.

[00:14:57] Patrick: She said the challenge came at the perfect time. She lost weight on the challenge and got ready for the hike. She said it was the group part of the FitLife challenge that I really enjoyed to share stories, share accountability. And Meredith from her legal team, I said she’d struggled with weight throughout her whole life, but with this, she implemented with her whole family and found it very successful.

[00:15:20] Patrick: Going in to say it has really been a huge impact on my life to know just to have that support and that push, and it has changed my way of thinking  completely. 

[00:15:29] Patrick: So as mentioned, all of this is part of the Fit Life Challenge in membership. You heard about the content to get fit fast, the calls to answer questions, the recordings to listen to anytime, and the accountability to reach your goals.

[00:15:43] Patrick: Plus, as we work to make this better each year, the main feedback from last time was for additional items for personalized nutrition programs and both online and in-person workout options. So as a super special bonus, we partnered with the world’s number one fitness platform to provide you with nutrition and exercise programs tailored to your body type and your interest.

[00:16:08] Patrick: Online workouts, strength, HIIT, yoga, Pilates. It’s all here so you can work out anytime, anywhere with celebrity and world class trainers. Plus, for those who like going in person to the gym, you get credits to attend local gyms and studios so you can find what’s best for you. 

[00:16:27] Patrick: And health courses taught by experts are available, including everything from how to outsmart diabetes to how to break free from stress. So you can take deep dives into the solutions you need to live your ideal life. 

[00:16:40] Patrick: You just need to join the FitLife Challenge membership by the 10th of the month, and  you’d get fully set up with all of this and the amazing bonus content by the start of the following month. And all of this is included as part of your Fit Life Challenge Membership Plus, there are amazing add-on options that are available at substantial discounts.

[00:17:02] Patrick: My Premo Coaching provides a personalized health coaching program that delivers daily lessons with actionable tips for losing weight, gaining strength and energy, sleeping better, and managing stress. And more, all available from an easy to use app right on your phone. Inside Tracker analyzes your blood work to provide personalized recommendations on the types of food and supplements needed to optimize your health.

[00:17:24] Patrick: So I realize this episode was a bit different from a typical one, yet this FitLife program has helped so many create their ideal life, and we are truly so excited for this upcoming year. I just had to share it with you and invite you to join us. 

[00:17:39] Patrick: You can find all the show notes and transcripts for this episode at live fit ignite change.com/seven keys and all the details for the FitLife Challenge membership@fitlifechallenge.com or FitLife membership.com.

[00:17:51] Patrick: They lead to the same place, and when you go there, you can get immediate free access to those resources mentioned earlier, the PDF with these seven steps. The FitLife Challenge nutrition Checklist, the My Premo Shopping List. And as part of that pdf, there’s a free mini seven day challenge, so you can jump in to get started down this path.

[00:18:13] Patrick: Plus, you’ll see how easy it is for you to join us in the FitLife Challenge membership. If your organization, community, or group is already providing this, you’ll get a link from them to sign up. If you think your company complex or group would like to offer this to team members, residents, or members, reach out for how it worked best for you.

[00:18:33] Patrick: Or you could simply join us as an individual so you can start living your ideal life. And I’ll look forward to seeing you there as a part of our community, as I really do hope that this episode today helps you take action towards your goal, and you put this on your calendar to schedule it and make it real.

[00:18:52] Patrick: As Tony Robbins says, “If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” So take action now to make it happen and make it real.

[00:19:06] Patrick: Thank you so much for tuning in and please, be sure to like, share, rate and review this show. That’s what’s needed to help us reach more and serve more. So together we truly can ignite the change that we wish to see. Thank you for your help. I hope you make it an outstanding day and go forth to light, love, serve the world and live the life you’ve always imagined.

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